Korean Break Season 2: Part 1 - Idol Bias Forever

Hey guys! Welcome back to Korean Break! I never planned on doing this so soon, but damn did these posts just flow right outta me. I literally had the entire season planned before I could even blink!

If you are friends with me on Snapchat (katrinameade), Instagram (@vamp1929 or @katsanimecorner), or KakaoTalk (vamp1929) then you have been bombarded with my craziness that I have found myself falling into with this never-ending amount of rushing through an entire season of Korean Break. I found myself getting jealous that all I have been doing is writing profiles about Korean Idols and yet, no one has ever seen a profile about myself. So I wrote one...a couple of my friends have already told me I'm crazy silly...I'm looking at you Min. ;) So here is it.

Full Name: Katrina Meade
Hangul: 카트리나
Stagename: Kat
Birthdate: 07-27-1992
Height: 164 cm
Birthplace: St. Paul, MN, USA
Role: Blogger
Fun Fact: Exactly 10 cm's shorter than Jackson Wang

Yes. I know I am crazy and out of my fucking mind. But that is the fun of it. Anyway...Let's get right into it!

It's funny, I never actually planned on making another bias blog but after learning that Tao is still making music (I don't really follow the Chinese music scene), I decided to address somethings that I didn't cover last time. So groups like SVT where I have 2 bias are weird because the groups have subunits. Now a group like EXO, I said that D.O. was my bias but that is because my bias from EXO-M is no longer with the group. Yep, I love Tao. He is absolutely gorgeous. So because I was think about that, I decided to go ahead and tell you even more bias' of mine! This time however I am including girl groups because I realized I left them out completely last time. Also, can I just say that this bias list is significantly older than my last bias list? My oldest bias on this list was born in 1983 (9 years older than me) and my youngest bias on this list was born in 1993 (1 year younger than me). So that is a span of 10 years...wow.


This very popular boy group has a lot of gorgeous faces but the one that always catches my attention is L.

Real Name: Kim Myung-soo
Birthdate: 03-13-1992
The first time I actually saw him was in the drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. 


So a lot of my friends are in love with Sungjae. Who is in the drama Goblin (Don't judge but I'm only half way through this show...I'm trying to finish it but I'm also working on blog stuff so it is taking a long time and Korea Box as well as Taylor recommend that I finish it ASAP). But my favorite member is the gorgeous Minhyuk.

JK..JK..this was Minhyuk when he dressed up alongside VIXX's Hongbin and NU'EST's Ren for their Boy's Day performance of Something.

Real Name: Lee Minhyuk
Birthdate: 11-29-1990


I know that most people talk about their bias as someone they are attracted to, but I am not attracted to women. Not saying that they aren't beautiful...but...oh whatever. Anyone, my bias I've actually liked her since I first got into 2NE1 at the very beginning. Bom has always caught my attention.

Real Name: Park Bom
Birthdate: 03-14-1984


This is by far one of my favorite girl groups because of my bias. Amber is the reason I fell in love with f(x). She is so charismatic.

Real Name: Amber Liu
Birthdate: 09-18-1992


I never knew the name of my bias from SHINee...the best part is...I was following him on Instagram the entire damn time. My bias is very much the gorgeous Key.

Real Name: Kim Ki-bum
Birthdate: 09-23-1991

Girls' Generation

Okay, so my bias from this group is probably one of their most famous members. The lovely and beautiful, Taeyeon. Though Sunny comes in a very close second.

Real Name: Kim Tae-yeon
Birthdate: 03-09-1989


My bias from this group I love her purely because I love her fucking voice. No lies. Oh and her name is LE.

Real Name: Ahn Hyo-jin
Birthdate: 12-10-1991


I LOVE TAECYEON! That's all I am saying about that.

Real Name: Ok Taecyeon
Birthdate: 12-27-1988


I've already stated my bias in a previous blog. Lol. I love Inseong so much.

Real Name: Kim In-seong
Birthdate: 07-12-1993


Okay, so I love HyunA. I mean it should have been obvious since one of my favorite groups is Trouble Maker.

Real Name: Kim Hyun-ah
Birthdate: 06-06-1992

Super Junior

So I never actually have spoken about Super Junior before, but they are definitely up there in the first groups I've listened to. Sorry Sorry was one of my first Korean songs I purchased. And if you follow me on Snapchat, especially recently, you'll know who my bias is.

Real Name: Kim Hee-chul
Birthdate: 07-10-1983

Who would you pick for your bias from any of these groups or even from the groups in the previous bias list? Let me know!


Until Next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 2/6/2017


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