Korean Break Season 2: Part 4 - Showing You Heaven and Home

Hey guys! What's up, Aileeans? First off, have you heard Ailee's new English track for her debut as an American singer? I kinda like it. Check out the video here and tell me what your thoughts are.

Now Ailee (에일리) is known as Amy Lee or Lee Ye-jin (이예진). She was born May 30th, 1989 making her 3 years older than me.

She was born in Denver, Colorado but was raised in New Jersey. She moved to Korea in 2010 and debuted in 2012. I don't remember what the first song was that I heard from her but it was one of her two songs that were popular in 2012. Let us check out her beautiful record of singles.



보여줄게 (I Will Show You)


U & I 


노래가 늘었어 (Singing Got Better)

손대지마 (Don't Touch Me)

(note: This M/V was featured at the end of the TV Show Boarding House 24's 2nd episode)


Johnny (쟈니)

너나잘해 (Mind Your Own Business)


If You

Home (ft. Yoon Mi-rae)

You also cannot forget her collaborations with faves of mine like Eric Nam and Seventeen. Ailee has been around for a while and she is definitely a Queen in the K-Pop world. It's weird that this blog post is so short, but that is because I am used to writing about 5 to 13 members of a group.The next post will be longer for sure! 

Until next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 3/24/17

Next Up: EXO



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