March KoreaBox Unboxing

Hey guys! Sorry this post took so long. I was pretty busy doing...well if you follow me on any type of SNS then you have seen the posts about VIXX. I got their Fantasia Elysium live performance DVD in the day after I got my KoreaBox...and I've only watched it like 6 times since then. Plus I have been working on writing again. If you don't know my dream is to be a novelist and I have picked up the pen (so to speak). I'm taking a break temporarily from posting Korean Break posts because I only have like 4 left and I am spacing out the last posts because I want to include VIXX's new album in that post. So please look out for that. PLUS I have also been working on writing about anime again...SO needless to say this one-woman-show is working overtime and I am feeling pretty drained by the end of each day. So again forgive the lateness of this post.

Now this was not the normal KoreaBox that I usually get because I got something special that I had requested in it. I usually get a ton of BTS merch, but Sunny was tweeting about some wallet phone cases and I loved the look of them and inquired whether or not I could get a VIXX one. Obviously Sunny said yes, so that is what was included in this month's box! As you may know...or maybe not because I don't know if I ever talked about it...I should really write a post about all the Korean merch I own that isn't from KoreaBox. I own several BTS and GOT7 phone cases for my iPhone 6. So when I had asked if I could get a VIXX one and she said I could, I was elated because I have never owned a VIXX case! My relationship with VIXX has been kind of a on-the-down-low kind of relationship where I had been secretly enjoying Googling pictures of N and listening to Fantasy on repeat while trying to figure out what that one song was I heard several times that I absolutely love (It's Voodoo Doll BTW) only to work on them for a blog post of KAC and suddenly I know EVERY member of the group (I originally only knew N, Leo, and Ravi - even though the first members I ever saw were N, Ken, and Hongbin on a YouTube show). Needless to say, I've been a bit more vocal about my love for VIXX plus I now own ALL of their Korean albums (digital copies only :( because I can't afford to buy all their albums right now). Phew...getting back to the phone case. The case is really cool. It is a Freeth Wallet Phone case featuring pictures of the VIXX members from their Kratos and "The Closer" promotion period. The wallet side has three slots that perfectly fit my ID, my debit card, and my credit card! Plus it's got an additional slot that can easily hold additional cards or even cash (which I don't carry very often). This phone case definitely makes it easier for me to just get up and go which sometimes has to happen more often than not and I can always guarantee now that I am grabbing my wallet because I NEVER leave the house without my phone. I definitely recommend that if you want a phone case like this that you ask for one in your next KoreaBox.

I am super excited to add three new BTS posters to my poster collection (which is ever growing in K-Pop, Anime, and even american films). My personal favorite is the Fire poster because Yoongi with his gray hair might be one of my favorites.

Next was a really cute Korean Beauty product. It is a Shea Butter hand cream. I haven't actually used it yet, but I am really looking forward to it. I do a lot of work with my hands and so I am always looking for different things to keep my hands nice and healthy. Plus the packaging is downright adorable. Korea totally wins in their packaging.

So Sunny also included two snack items this time around. One of which was requested and the other was just fun. The first snack was a Choco Snack from Lotte. It kind of reminds me of the Hello Panda snacks. Its a chocolate filled biscuit with cute pictures on it. I loved it. It's a fun snack to eat whenever.

Now the second snack was one I had requested because of a conversation Sunny and I had on Twitter about this dish they had made at their office for lunch one day. I still would like to actually try this dish but for now I will settle for these delicious snacks! The Tteokbokki Snack is by far my favorite she has sent me so far! There is a slight spice taste but overall it is a very surprisingly sweet snack. It is really pleasant and I wish I had eaten the entire bag in one sitting...I almost did but I was trying other Korean snacks that night (that blog post will be coming soon). One day I will go to Korea and finally get to try tteokbokki. One day...

That was it for my KoreaBox this time around. Nice and simple. Have you gotten a KoreaBox yet? If not, head on over to KoreaBox and get started today.

Until next time guys!

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 3/30/117


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