Special Book Review: One of Few

Hey guys! Surprise! I have yet another not so normal post for you today. On March 13th of 2017, I was asked so kindly by a really amazing person to write a truthful review of her new book. You may know this amazing person, I certainly do. She has done so much for Kat's Anime Corner, especially in the last year, and I cannot thank her enough for allowing me to review her book. I was given a copy of One of Few and finished reading it in under 6 hours! Oh you wanna know about who the author is? Let me tell you.

Remember that time I was so excited that Terri Doty said I could interview her? Well here I am innocently *giggles* (innocent yeah right) watching VIXX and BTOB music videos on YouTube when I get a message on Facebook from, you guessed it, Terri! She is in the midst of promoting her book which is to be released in a few months and guess who is helping her to review and promote it? Damn right! This lucky as fuck girl here is reviewing One of Few by Terri Doty. Now as with her interview whenever Terri and I are talking she brings out the worst in my swearing. So if you are sensitive to language...well, you probably don't even want to read this book then because Terri wrote it so obviously there are a shit ton of f-bombs. Or read it and get over the fact that there is a ton of swearing. Anyway...let's get right to it.
Courtesy of Terri Doty

One of Few is a science fiction novel, which isn't a typical genre I would read, but for a friend I sure as hell would.

Doing what few can. How Fortunate I am. Locators are rare. Only eleven people can access chambers throughout the world. The fourth dimensional pockets themselves are a mystery. They can hold anything from both known and unknown worlds. With a locator's ability comes a power. A power that hasn't escaped the notice of the Ceruleman race. They will stop at nothing to keep control of the chambers. Of the locators. Of her. Eleven isn't a name you run across often. When you do, you tend not to forget. Unfortunately for the eleventh locator, that's all she's been doing. Forgetting. But things change. It's time to remember. (taken from terridoty.com)
To give you a timeline about this story. Terri sent me a copy of the story sometime between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm on the 13th of March. By 6:15 pm I was already on chapter 8 and by 7:30 pm I was literally halfway through the story. By 7:48 pm I had crumbled to my hunger and had to take a break to gobble up a banana and some ramen (not the greatest combination, but it satisfied my hunger). I started back up at 8:07 pm and by 10:06 pm I finished the entire story. Obviously there were bathroom breaks here and there because if you follow me on Instagram you should have seen my desperate plea for help from the amount of caffeine I was consuming in the form of cups and cups of coffee. But you didn't come here to hear me ramble about me. You came to hear my opinion about the novel.

I, for one, could not bring myself to stop reading. The story gets to be highly addicting...like crack.

I am in a desperate need to know what happens next! In a way, hopefully this doesn't insult her, this story reminds me of how I felt reading Stephenie Meyer's The Host (which is her science fiction series that she never continued even though she should have). It has been a long time since I have sat down and read a story in one sitting. Especially a 300 page beast like this. Okay, maybe beast is not the right term. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince is well over 600 pages and I read that shit in like 6 hours. But that was when I was like 13 and at my reading prime. It took me 5 1/2 hours to read this novel. It's weird that something like this was so easy for me to do. All I wanted to do was nap (especially since I had been up the previous two nights writing my own personal stories) and then Terri messaged me. Now here I am without a nap, sucking down as much coffee as possible, and losing myself in this bomb as fuck world Terri created. Also...can we get a tally started for how many times I say Terri's name in this review?

Every time I had to stop for a break from reading to go to the bathroom or to finally eat dinner, I felt like I was going to go crazy. I wanted to carry my phone with me into the bathroom so I could read in there! (TMI? Probably...) I felt like I was going crazy when I wasn't immersed in the world of One of Few. I am officially obsessed and I am not saying this because I love Terri (which I do). As a huge book fan, I am thoroughly impressed. As a writer, I am wanting to go back to my own stories and make them better. Needless to say, I am very happy I was able to indulge on such a wonderful novel.

As previously mentioned, I was listening to VIXX and BTOB while I was reading this (if you don't know who they are - they are Korean groups) and so obviously I am now associating certain songs of theirs with this story. Which I don't mind at all, but I also found myself thinking of different songs I've acquired over the years that fit with the world. It is just that my weird ass is always making playlists for the books I read. So it isn't that weird that I created a playlist for this story too. When you finally get your hands on the book, you'll have to let me know what song you think fit towards this book. I would have gone more in-depth in the playlist making but I have 20,000+ songs on my computer and that is way too many to go into over a couple nights... Now a heads up, that they may not 100% be relevant in their lyrical meanings, but I just think even the feel of the song fits. Also, there are definitely some k-pop songs.

1. "The Eye" by INFINITE
2. "It's Okay" by BTOB
3. "Insane" by BTOB
4. "Error" by VIXX
5. "Beautiful Liar" by VIXX LR
6. "Welcome to the Masquerade" by Thousand Foot Krutch
7. "Take It Out on Me" by Thousand Foot Krutch
8. "Give Me Back My Life" by Papa Roach
9. "Live Free or Let Me Die" by Skillet
10. "Manners" by We Are The In Crowd
11. "Radioactive (Cover)" by Jason Munday
12. "Figure It Out" by Royal Blood
13. "Now" by Paramore
14. "Sleep" by My Chemical Romance
15. "So Long Sentiment" by Celldweller
16. "Krwlng" by LINKIN PARK
17. "Fantasy" by VIXX
18. "Memory" by VIXX
19. "Not Today" by BTS
20. "House of Cards" by BTS

Let me know if you listen to any of these songs and think of the story. (I physically have them in a playlist!)

Let's talk characters. There is something about every single one of the characters that is highly intriguing. If you follow me on any form of social media then you have seen how much I love one particular character. I told Terri after meeting this character for the first time that I was already in love. But we will get to her in a moment. 

The main character is called Eleven and in all her curly haired glory might be one of the most captivating characters I've read in a while. Her snarky thoughts make one wonder if Terri based her on herself a bit. Despite the world Eleven lives in not being our own, it is very easy to find yourself relating to her personality. Because Eleven is a Locator it is hard to relate to her 100% but sometimes her witty inner thoughts are relatable. She also has very interesting chemistry with all the characters she comes into contact with. The first character you see Eleven interacting with is SB47 and let me just say that SB47 is kind of bitchy. But I don't know her life so I can judge, she just seems like a straight up bitch to me. 

The next character that you see her interact with is HD62 who is also known as Felix Unger. Felix is one of the two male characters who seem to set Eleven on edge in a different way than we get to know her to be in the first few chapters. I don't necessarily mean in a romantic way but more of in a close friend way. You see them bond slowly throughout the story and Felix is kind of the go between for Eleven and some of the other characters. 

After Felix we meet the head of the operation. Trah-Ul is a very stern woman who is followed by her close sidekick Dyssae. I kind of want to know more about these two as we only get brief introductions to the two of them. There seems to be a lot going on here with these two that we have yet to know. 

Then we are introduced to Dr. Isaac Kepler. Oh boy. Where do I even start with this guy? To be 100% honest you all...he just plain creeps me out. You know the pervy villain from 80's and 90's movies? He kind of reminds me of that for some reason. I can't place my finger exactly on who he reminds me of, but it definitely isn't good. Bravo to you Terri for giving me yet another creepy character! 

Following quickly after Dr. Creepler's exit is the entrance of one of my favorite male characters. Ten. Mysterious Ten. We get a brief view of him when he runs into Eleven after she returned from her mission. I just picture that Ten is the kind of guy I would drool over...Felix too, but mostly Ten for me. Ten is really close to Eleven and she seems to genuinely care about him. (Let's be real, if you are shipping characters then I ship Eleven and Ten). The relationship between Ten and Eleven is adorable. It kind of shows a side to Eleven that she doesn't let other see. I just can't wait to see more about who Ten really is and get to delve further into him as a character. It would also be cool to see Ten and Eleven's past together, which we do get a small glimpse of in later chapters. Can I just call him Ichabod so I don't have Ten written out so many times in one paragraph? LOL. 

Before I go into my favorite character, let's take a look at the red wonder. Crux, who is kind of the leader of the group, gives me weird ass Dumbledore vibes. He says some strange shit that has you tilting your head in slight confusion. However, the thing that I cannot get over is the fact that his name is Crux and all I can picture is the goddamn mustached cross from Fairy Tail. (side note: Terri voices Virgo in Fairy Tail - and young Jellal...but who's really keeping track)


Now for the moment we've all been waiting for. My one true love from this story: Vera Ross-Dao. Where do I even start with her? Terri describes her as someone that gives all the fucks. She is extremely foul-mouthed and the sassiest fucker you'll ever come across. I personally would never cross her because one wrong move and I feel like she would kill you (take your pick of a weapon but it would most likely end with a bullet in your ass). Vera very quickly became my favorite character and I literally messaged Terri after meeting her saying that I was already in love. You guys will have to let me know how you feel about Vera. 

Since Vera is my favorite character, I figured I would give you a glimpse of the mouth that made me laugh and love her.

Memorable Vera Quotes

1. Vera To Eleven: "Unclench your delicates. Just curious is all." (pg. 155)

2. Vera To Eleven: "Setting the charges. Fuck diamonds. Detonators are a girl's best friend." (pg. 194)

3. Vera to Felix: "Get the sand out of your vagina, Unger. She's just taking her sweet ass time." (pg. 67)

4. Crux: "Think of her as a blank canvas. Something devoid of meaning without talent delineated across the intricate threading." 
Vera: "Lights are on, but nobody's home?"
Crux: "Yes, Vera. Though your phraseology is objectionable." (pg. 63)

5. Vera Talking about Banaedeut: "Those banana dudes bulletproof?" (pg. 196)

You'll have to let me know who you think is your favorite character. They are all highly memorable.

Let's talk Locators. The numbering of the locators kind of reminds me a bit of the I Am Number Four series. But I never really read it...not really my type of series. Anyway, before this review gets out of hand...I think that after seeing the tasks that Eleven has to go through via psychotic Crux I feel like there is a huge connection between Eleven and the other 10 locators. We just don't know what that is. The cool thing about the locators is the the even number locators are Men and the odd number locators are Women. So many questions are raised throughout the book that make you desire more. Is Eleven somehow important to both sides? Does she know where One (who has gone into hiding) is? Is she connected to One somehow? Is she connected to Lani who is briefly mentioned in the story? What is the real reason Felix gave Eleven Lani's jacket? I want to know the answer to so many questions. If there is a continuation to the series, I might just be invested for life dammit.

Overall thoughts? This story takes you for one hell of an emotional ride and kicks you when you are down, but it is entirely captivating and extremely outstanding work. The most emotionally invested in a book I have been in a while (I've mostly been reading Autobiographical stories lately...). The beginning of the book was slow because anytime you are building up a new world for someone it seems slow, but once chapter 4 hits and the real grit of the story starts you can't stop. So if you pick up this book and just read the beginning and start to think...hmm maybe this isn't for me, just hold out until like chapter 4 and if after reading chapter 4 and 5 you still don't like the story, then you can judge. But wait until then. It's like watching a new series and you aren't truly invested in the show until the third or fourth episode because the first two episodes are all introductory. Plus once you get to the end you just crave more!

Would I recommend this book to others? Hell yes! I've already been telling people that they need to get a copy when it comes out!

Will I be reading it again? Fuck yes! I will probably be re-reading this book until I get sick of it (which won't be anytime soon).

I am extremely thankful to Terri for giving me the opportunity to read this story and letting me pick at it. Even going so far to say that she wouldn't mind if I hated it. I was skeptical going in because Science Fiction is not my favorite genre, but I am being truthful when I say I thoroughly enjoyed this. I wouldn't have been able to read the book that fast nor would I have been able to write this review this fast if I didn't. I have to be fully invested and have extreme either love or hate to crank out a piece this quick. I can say for sure I don't hate the series so I am completely in love.

One of Few will be available for purchase on May 23rd of 2017. You can buy a copy here: Amazon. The book will be available in Print and Digital. Following the release of the book will be a release of the audiobook, which I am excited for because it will be the first audiobook that I intentionally buy and listen to!

Courtesy of Terri Doty

I may even review the audiobook when it is released...but we shall see when the time comes.

Look out for even more amazing work from Terri Doty and as always, keep reading and sharing Kat's Anime Corner content!

You can follow Terri on Social Media: Twitter - @teedotally, Instagram - @teedotally, and Facebook - That Terri Doty Page.

Until next time guys. This was a lot of fun, but I don't think I will EVER read a story until 10 pm again when I have to get up for work at 6 the following morning. I'm starting to get old at 25...what the actual fuck. Okay. I'm gonna go now before this gets even weirder. (BTW: I count like 20+ Terri's in this...)

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 3/16/17


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