K-Pops Idols: My First Thoughts

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know about a couple of things before starting the blog post. I promise it isn't anything bad. If you follow me on Twitter at all then I am sure you have seen me mention that there is something wrong with my Funimation account where it isn't allowing me to purchase things from Funimation. It is really frustrating and so I have elected to no longer purchase from them. Because of this, I have been purchasing from RightStuf instead (another amazing company who has always pulled through for reasonably price anime merchandise). Basically what I am trying to say is that Funimation kind of fucked me over by not fixing my account or telling me what the problem with my account was and made me miss out on getting a pre-order special for Fairy Tail Dragon Cry and so my review is delayed as well as my business is now going to RightStuf. I just finally got my copy of the movie the other day (03/30/2018) along with my copy of the Tokyo Ghoul Live Action movie, so be expecting reviews of those soon. Next, I apologize for the delay in the Korean Break, but I have been busy. Busy doing what? Well, the KAC team will be attending AniMinneapolis 2018 and the exciting thing is that we are trying to get a panel where we can talk and meet some of you. It'll be pretty damn awesome if we are able to do so. And even if we don't, if you live in Minnesota or like to travel to anime conventions don't be shy about coming to hang out with the whole KAC team at AniMinneapolis 2018 in May! Now, onto the blog post!

I was feeling sentimental the other day and was reminiscing on old k-pop memories when I started to think about some of the funniest first thoughts I had about k-pop idols. It really is funny to look back and laugh at the weird shit you once thought about k-pop idols before you knew them fully. Here are some of mine.


I originally thought all the members in EXO-M were Chinese. This partially makes sense as they only promoted the Chinese (Mandarin) versions of all the songs. So when I was learning about EXO, imagine my surprise (if you have ever seen A Series of Unfortunate Events - the movie - read surprise like Jim Carey...it makes it funnier) to find out Chen (Kim Jongdae) and Xiumin (Kim Minseok) were actually Korean. Learning 12 members was hard.


...I am serious about this one...like 100%. Before I knew who everyone was and could put faces to names (I used to only know Suga and Jungkook) when I was Dope for the first time, I thought Jimin was part of the hyung-line. I feel completely foolish now because he is a precious baby whose cheeks I wanna squish...but seriously...I think it was his outfit he wore in Dope... I also know I will get harassed for taking so long to learn the BTS members but they weren't exactly at the top of my priorities at the time.


As one of my favorite groups, you would think there isn't anything to say BUT I used to get Jonghyun (JR) and Aaron (Aron) mixed up. It was bad. Minhyun, Dongho (Baekho), and Minki (Ren) are easy to tell apart but at the time, I couldn't get them straight. Obviously I"ve learned from my mistakes.


Sungjong is a very beautiful idol. Often sited for his very feminine looks. I don't remember which video clip or show I'll be talking about but I was watching like cover dances or idols dancing to other idols and it may have been a 2 pm song ( if you guys iknow what I am talking about please comment below!) Anyway, Sungjong had his long blonde hair at the time (BTD era) and the video quality wasn't the greatest so when I saw the performance it looked like he was a she and I initially thought I was watching a co-ed group. Now I just feel silly for ever having thought that. I also used to think Sungjong and NU'EST's Minki look the same.


When I was first learning about GOT7, I had a hard time with the Korean members. Once I learned to distinguish Mark, Jackson, and Bambam, it left four members to learn. Youngjae and Jinyoung were a piece of cake...but my dumbass thought baby Yugyeom was actually Leader-nim Jaebeom (JB)...it sounds so dumb now lol. But think about it! The giant of GOT7 has always acted like he was in charge.

So you guys got to see how dumb I really was. I still to this day make mistakes when it comes to k-pop groups. Especially ones I don't really know. No one is perfect and I am definitely far from it. I hope you guys got to giggle with me. I really just needed a laugh due to some sadness that my family and me are experiencing right now. That is why this post is going up today instead of yesterday when I had planned for it to. Let me know what you want to see next and maybe one of the KAC team members will write it. Don't forget to follow us on SNS.

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Until next time.

Ja ne!

xx Kat
Update 04/01/2018


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