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Hey guys! I'm sure you are probably familiar with my good friend Amanda (@TheTaeLane on Twitter). She has popped up a lot in my blog posts as of late, well here is another one inspired by her. So, just the other day she had posted on Twitter and her Wattpad account that she would be starting a Ko-fi account (a way to offer your support via "coffee" for your favorite artists) and you can read that post: here. She had actually mentioned how she chose Ko-fi because Redbubble and Patreon is for those who have something they can offer in return (like merch or something instead of fanfiction). got me thinking. I've always considered ways I can try to make money for KAC so that I can create better blog posts. I've tried to reach out to see if I can do sponsored blog posts (that went down the drain *insert toilet flushing sound* because I didn't get a reply) and I won't ask my friends to sponsor my blog posts (all the posts you've seen of me reviewing my friend's things - Terri Doty and Korea Box - were done for free or using my own money) because that goes against everything I am as a friend. However, I've decided that I can't keep supporting myself alone in this. So that is why I have decided to open a Patreon account. I've been using Patreon for a while now and have been a supporter of Suki Cosplay for a while, so I am familiar with the system. Now, unlike Suki, I cannot (at this time due to monetary constraints) send out monthly pictures and prizes, but maybe in the future I will be able to. For now, let's look at the reward for each level of monetary contribution.

Patreon Rewards

($1 or more per month)
- Newbies are beginner level which means access to base level patreon content
- What this means: You will get access to regular posts on Patreon as well as polls, giveaways, etc. 

($5 or more per month)
- Trainees have access to exclusive inside looks at pictures and upcoming blog post ideas before they are released to the public. 
- What this means: You will have access to seeing exclusive thoughts and ideas before I start to turn them into blog posts. You will get to see what pictures/videos/etc inspire blog posts. 

($10 or more per month)
- Pre-Debut gets everything from the Trainee level but also gets behind the scenes looks at how blog posts are created as well as bonus content that won't be released. 
- What this means: You will get access to exclusive behind the scenes of writing, posting, monitoring, etc. Also, you get access to those blog posts that I write but never release. 

($25 or more per month)
- Idols get exclusive access to blog posts before they are released (first access), monthly exclusive KAC pictures, and access to an exclusive KAC Facebook page as well as all the rewards from the prior tiers. 
- What this means: You will get to read my blog posts on Patreon before they get published here! Also, each month you will get access to exclusive KAC pictures featuring Chibi Kat and more! This also means you get access to the exclusive KAC Facebook group. 

($50 or more per month)
- Superstar tier gets everything from the previous tiers but also gets access to exclusive signed merch and the ability to help decide what gets posted on KAC. 
- What this means: You will get access to exclusive signed merch (it will be something different every Month and the merch will get better the more money I am able to spend) and you also get the ability to help create KAC blog posts. You can help decide the theme, content, etc. There will be polls and posts asking for ideas and EVERY idea will get posted on KAC at some point. 

Now, a cool thing about Patreon is that you can set goals. It is a way to motivate me as well as you guys. The more money I get per month, the closer I get to achieving a goal, the closer I get to rewarding you guys in better ways. Let's look at those goals.

1. When I reach $200 per month, I will start to review an anime series or a k-pop album once a month instead of once in a while.

2. When I reach $500 per month, I will start up a podcast or a vlog for Kat's Anime Corner.

3. When I reach $1000 per month, I will start to attend more events and also start giveaways.

So that is my Patreon. Again, I really thought about this a lot. I deliberated back and forth several times. I have always talked with you guys and been open about how I run KAC by myself, this means that I also PAY for EVERYTHING out of my own pocket. Every time you see me buying a new anime or a new k-pop album or signing up for a new subscription to get better content for you guys so I can review or talk about it, that money comes out of my paycheck from my job. I don't work a job where I make a lot of money either. I'm not poor by any means, but I am definitely not floating in money. Hence why I only attend the one anime convention and not the many others that are here in Minnesota. That is why I am asking you all for help. I want to give you the content you deserve. I feel bad about asking for help because I have always said that I don't do this for the money, and I don't, but the things that I want to do for you guys requires money. Money is also required if I am to ever take those trips to Japan and Korea like I have always wanted. So until I strike gold and become a millionaire over night (this is just a joke), I will have to rely on the help from you my readers to make money so I can make better content for you.

You can visit my page here: and become a patron today! It will bring us closer and we can become great friends because of this!

Until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 04/22/2018


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