Girls on Top: Ladies of K-Pop Series

안녕하세요~ This post is a long time coming. I have been wanting to write about k-pop girl groups since I realized, they don’t get enough hype. Whether because the company mismanaged them or because they are female so they don’t get promoted as much as their male counterparts, there are some bad-ass groups of the k-pop world. I am going to dedicate a blog post per group in hopes of spreading the love. I am going to try to dive deep into the groups and their music. Please note that there are some groups that I have covered in the past who will not be appearing and I will also be covering some groups who have disbanded or been put on hiatus. Girl groups don’t get the love they deserve, so let’s give them that love. Comment below your favorite girl group and maybe I will cover them. 

A recap of my favorite groups: 

Top 5 Girl Groups

1.  드림캐쳐 (Dreamcatcher)
2. 걸스데이 (Girl's Day)
3. 소녀시대 (Girls' Generation)
4. 2NE1
4. 이엑스 아이디 (EXID)
5. 마마우 (MAMAMOO)

Top 5 Favorite Songs (Girl Groups)

1. 그리고 아무도 었었다 (And there was no one left) -드림캐쳐

2. I'll Be Yours - 걸스데이

3. Catch Me If You Can - 소녀시대

4. 안녕 (Goodbye) - 2NE1

4. 알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU)  - 이엑스 아이디 

5. 데칼코마니 (Decalcomanie) - 마마우

Top 5 Biases (Girl Groups) 

1. 시연 (Siyeon/이시연)
2. 소진 (Sojin/박소진)
3. 태연 (Taeyeon/김태연)
4. 봄 (Bom/박봄)
4. LE (안효진)
5, 솔라 (Solar/김용선)

This was taken from my 6 year anniversary blog post in December of 2019. I still hold all of these groups close to heart and will be discussing them in whole (except 2NE1 who was already discussed here: But I am going to start with a different group than my top 5. A group that changed a lot of things and created some of the most popular names in k-pop today. 

Any guesses? Check back soon. 

Until next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat


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