Seven Years

Hey guys! I cannot believe we have been going for seven strong years we are headed into our next year and I cannot wait to see what more we have coming. Obviously we have the current giveaway going - so don’t forget to enter as you have until the 31st! Now, I have been trying to think and decide what I wanted to do for my anniversary blog post. I still have no clue what to do even as I type. I am thinking that it is time to update my Top 10 Anime list. The last time that I updated it was June 2018. 


However, the biggest problem I have is that the reason my list hasn’t changed is because I still feel this way about all of the shows currently on my list. I had every intention of writing a brand new list and reordering my top 10...but I just can't bring myself to do so since I absolutely adore every single show on it. So instead, why don't I write an Alternate Top 10 Anime list? This way, if you don't like any of the anime on my current top 10, you can check out my alternate top 10 to see if you like any anime there. 

There are some anime that won't make either list - haven't for a long while now, but are strong recommendations from me: Bleach, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Vampire Knight. These four series are a huge part of my life and a strong reason for my love of anime, so I will always recommend these shows but I cannot add them to my top lists anymore because there are other anime that I will go to first. Now another show that didn't quite make the list because there are other shows that beat it out is Yuri on Ice - if you remember I binge-watched the show during Christmas the year it came out and I have binge-watched it so many times in the last month. Especially with the prequel movie coming out and so much hope for a second season, I definitely recommend checking it out. Yuri on Ice will always hold a special spot in my heart because I have always loved figure skating (I used to watch The Cutting Edge all the time growing up) and it is one of my favorite events in the Winter Olympics. It is also a BL series which if you know is one of my favorite genres, so there is a plus. It also paved the way for BL to be more mainstream in anime which is a huge win for LGBT+ (yes yes I know there are shows like Junjo Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi but do you know how much hate those shows get?). But that isn't what we are here for, let's get into what actually made my alternate Top 10 Anime List. 

1. My Hero Academia

Is it any surprise that this show is top of my Alternate List? I really really tried to find a spot for it on my current top 10, but I didn't want to kick anything off the list ㅜ.ㅜ so instead it will be top of my Alternate list. Please don't be mad at me >.< I honestly tried. MHA has fast become a favorite of mine - you should see my work is basically a MHA fan central. I also have my OC series on TikTok, so basically MHA has taken over my life and I do not mind. Season 5 2021 and a possible new movie? Let's get to it. 

2. Haikyuu!

Okay, as long-time KAC fans, you shouldn't be surprised about this one. I have been obsessed with Haikyuu since it came out. It is one of my favorite sports anime (probably more than KnB...which is saying something). The show is currently ongoing and I enjoy watching new episodes each weekend. Plus, have you seen Haikyuu TikTok? Cause that is just as awesome as MHA. 

3. Seraph of the End

I remember when Seraph of the End started in Shonen Jump and was ecstatic that it would get an anime adaptation. It is by far one of my favorite vampire series out there. The world and the characters are out of this world. Plus the music is exceptional. 

4. Noragami

What isn't there to love about this show? I haven't read the manga series but I really want to. The anime is beautiful with amazing music and wonderful characters. Plus Yato is voiced by one of my favorite voice actors - maybe I will have to do a top 10 VA list in Japanese and English. 

5. K

One of the most underrated anime out there - I have loved this show since the beginning and I highly recommend everyone check it out. The world is stunning and the characters are wonderful. I'm sure you've seen them around before because it is just that awesome. If you love this show, let's talk because I want more K friends. 

6. Psycho-Pass

This thriller is Chef's kiss. If you want a dystopian world that is captivating with a hint of bloodshed (I is more than a hint) I recommend this one. Slight spoiler alert, don't get too attached to characters though because it is a dystopian thriller which means there are some deaths. I actually went to see the movie in theatres with my cousin and ugh I love this series. 

7. UraBoku (Betrayal Knows My Name)

Long time KAC fans will know that this is one of my favorites! Magic, slight yaoi, gorgeous anime characters, beautiful music, what isn't there to love. If you haven't seen this one, definitely check it out. You'll love it, I guarantee. 

8. Attack on Titan

Were any of you around when I originally watched AoT? I binged the first season within 24 hours. It was impressive considering the fact that I do not handle gore very well and there is a lot of it. But by the love of Levi Ackerman I pulled through and I'm glad I did. Obviously this show is not done yet as we have just started the final season, but it will go down in history as a great. 

9. Black Cat

I don't remember if I have ever explicitly talked about this show, but I did feature the main character Train in a 2014 Character of the Week (here). This anime which features the vocal gift of Jason Liebrecht (Dabi from MHA) and Chris Patton (Oikawa from Haikyuu) is freaking awesome. It was also one of the first anime I owned the complete DVD set for. I want to watch it again. 

10. Hiiro no Kakera

I couldn't not include one of my favorite romance anime. The first time I ever mentioned the show was briefly talking about one of the villains in a November 2013 post from the original KAC (here). It is very cheesy but I love it. I think I even played the game at one point. Plus this show gave us O-chan...anyone remember my obsession with O-chan? Hell I'm still cute. 

Wow, that took me on a trip. While I was looking around KAC archives, I found this gem of a blog post. In 2014 I wrote about shows that I considered (at the time) to be non-maintstream anime and wrote a whole list of the ones I watched: It is unreal that I have been doing this for 7 years and I am excited to start year 8 off with a bang. What more would you like to see? Want to see more of my TikTok content? More of my Genshin Impact content? Don't forget that I have a Giveaway going on right now: - we have a copy of MHA Heroes Rising and BE we are giving away on top of other awesome goodies. 

Thank you all for sticking by me for the last seven years and I'm excited for more to come. 

See you next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat



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