Update 11/6/13

I’m back with another update.

Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist, and Betrayal Knows My Name. Yep. I am talking some good ones!

SAO airs weekly on Toonami; who watches it? * raises hand * I watched the original Japanese run and now I am watching the original English run. I love Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh in this. Wanna know what makes it better? * whispers * Todd Haberkorn is in it.

Yeah this guy.

Yum * winks * love his voice.

…sorry. I’m back now. Don’t you just love him?

Okay, focus Katrina! Haha, sorry guys. Anyhoo, SAO. I absolutely love this show. I am usually not a gamer because I get VERY aggressive, but I have no qualms about watching other people playing video games. (Smosh Games I am talking about you). So when I stumbled across this show I thought, ‘why not’? (Now don’t ask me how I can go from watching D. Gray-Man, Ouran High School Host Club, and Fruits Basket to this…) I watched every week. I was in love!! <3 Such a cute love story with A LOT of action. Plus you get two games in one story. AH!!

Anyway I watch this show every Saturday night (or Tuesday if I fall asleep early on Saturday < of course I record it). I was on board when they announced the English dub. Plus they cast BRYCE FREAKING PAPENBROOK as Kirito. I fel in love with his voice in Vampire Knight as Hanabusa Idol…I mean Aido.

Which role of Cherami Leigh’s was it that I first heard her voice?
A.    Asuna – Sword Art Online
B.    Road – D. Gray-Man
C.    Ayano – Kaze no Stigma
D.   Kirmi – Ouran High School Host Club
E.    Mei Ren – Dance in the Vampire Bund

Answer in a few.

Another thing about Sword Art Online, it freaks me out but Stephanie Sheh is in it as the AI Yui. It only freaks me out because she is currently voicing the lovely Orihime Inoue of Bleach (NEVER miss an episode).

Hehe…sorry I get freaked out by the strangest things.

Speaking of Bryce…Blue Exorcist. But before I get into that awesomeness….

Answer –
B. Road – D. Gray-Man

You’d think it would be Ouran which I finished before D. Gray-Man but I watched Ouran in Japanese (honestly I have only watched my fave episodes in English: Twins Fight and Haruhi in Wonderland).

Todd Haberkorn plays Hikari Hitachin and Kenichi Suzumura plays Hikari Hitachin in Japanese. While they play opposite each (not literally because Todd does English and Kenichi does Japanese…duh) in D. Gray-Man. Todd plays Allen Walker and Kenichi plays Lavi. I guess that is only fun to me.

Vic Mignogna who plays Tamaki Suoh also plays Zero and Ichiru Kiryuu in Vampire Knight coincidentally all three are also played by the amazing Mamoru Miyano in Japanese. Mamoru also plays Death the Kid, Kyrie, and Ling who are played by Todd Haberkorn in the English dubs. (Yep had to bring it full circle).

Okay…getting off topic with my crazy facts.

Back to Blue Exorcist.

I watched this show in one day. ‘nuff said. The reason I watched it was because I wanted a show similar to D. Gray-Man and 07-Ghost. Thus Blue Exorcist was recommended.

Blue Exorcist is about Rin Okumura who is the son of Satan and goes to school to become an Exorcist to avenge his foster father’s death at the hands of Satan.


You heard me right.

Rin – son of Satan – becomes Exorcist – seeks vengeance against Satan – who killed Rin’s foster father.

So Rin wants to kill his father to avenge his father…yeah I know but trust me it is really good.

Don’t believe me? Just give it one try: Japanese or English. That’s all I’m asking. It will be worth it.

What else can I say? How about…

Not only is Rin the son of Satan and possesses Satan’s powers he also has a younger twin brother Yukio who is played by the ever so lovely and wonderful Johnny Yong Bosch.

You don’t know Johnny?? For some Johnny is the one and only Ichigo Kurosaki. Or if you had a cool childhood (if you were old enough for this childhood) you will remember him as Adam the Black Ranger. You remember? You are awesome. Do not underestimate a Power Ranger.

Um…where was I?

Well anyway Blue Exorcist is coll. Go watch it!

Damn. I have rambled on so much I have almost forgotten Uraboku! (which also has Mamoru Miyano…see talented). Betrayal Knows My Name or Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (Hell if I will remember that). Uraboku for short. Okay! Yup. This is a good’un.

Yuki is a boy with special powers who lives in an orphanage. He is a very pretty boy who is admired by man. His best friend is Kanata who grew up with him in the orphanage. He is almost hit by a car one day while trying to help a friend from school but is saved by a beautiful, almost inhuman looking man. 

Okay are you as bored with this blah description as I am?


Yuki has special powers; he is the reincarnation of a female version of himself. Luke is a demon bound to Yuki by a contract as well as being the lover of Yuki’s past self. Kanata is the reincarnation of the bad guy and after a failed attempt to get Yuki on his side wants to kill him.

No yaoi. (Sorry fans. Unless some happens later in the manga you will be left frustrated).

Anyway, despite my bad summarizing, it is a really good show. I recommend it at least once.

So unlike last week, this week I will only cover Naruto (manga) and Bleach. I won’t be going over Naruto Shippuden.

Before we go into the spoiler section.

Question time:

I recently added up the manga I own to come to a grand total of 101, so obviously we will talk manga.

What is your favorite manga?
What was your first manga?
Who is your favorite mangaka?

Don’t forget you can throw questions back at me.

Warning this section contains spoilers. Read at your own risk. I am warning you now.

Ladies and gentlemen, * drum roll * THEY HAVE DONE IT!! The Shinobi have stopped Obito all thanks to Naruto being so badass!

All that’s left is Madara. Yet something doesn’t quite sit right with me. I think something is up. What do you all think?

This story ain’t over yet, that’s for sure. (Pardon my bad English there). Predictions?? What is up Mister Uchiha Madara’s sleeve? He holds some sort of ace. Does this ace involve Sauske? Does it involve Naruto? So many possibilities. PLUS Naruto needs to become Hokage. (Any Sauske fans out there? Sorry ‘bout this.) I can’t see Sauske becoming Hokage. His best friend deserves that spot. I mean sure he resurrected Orochimaru who in turn brought back the four Hokage but Naruto is winning a f***ing war!

Let me know what you think.

Bleach Chapter 556 People!!

Psych! I wanna talk seriously for a moment. What do you guys think of a second series for Bleach or a seventeenth season? How cool! I just started my little sister on watching the show (and she knows a lot of spoiler stuff from having seen later episodes and listening to me talk about the manga, so she knows stuff I never knew going in to it). Of course as she watches I do too and I have come to realize that Bleach needs to continue. We were just left with Ichigo saying “See You Soon” (at least according to Wikipedia). I don’t even think I would be satisfied with another movie or two. They need to follow along with the story line. Plus, I crave more Johnny Yong Bosch and Masakazu Morita who make it worth watching. * sigh *

Back to the chapter breakdown.

Tite Kubo is a tease. That is all I have to say about this chapter.

Okay so here’s what we’ve got. Back to Hirako’s fight as he is taken out by an explosion. Before another attack can hit him Komamura jumps into the fight. As E is about to attack again, Hinamori jumps in behind her to attack but Komamura stops her. E explains what her bombs are about and attacks Komamura taunting him. Smoke dissipates to reveal a change in Komamura. The captain of squad seven learned a secret of his race and has a more human appearance. There are a few wolf-like features seen, but for the most part he is human. The chapter ends with Komamura releasing his newly refined Bankai.

Yep. After reading that chapter I am more or less pissed with Tite Kubo. Like seriously?? Where the hell is Ichigo?? Does it take his ass that long to get to the Soul Society? Damn.

Whelp. Not sure what I can say about this one. Hope he hits us with a good one next week.

Okay that was it for this week. Leave some comments below on what you all think of this new chapter.

Until next time.


Kat =^.^=


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