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Guys, guys. This is it!!

So this is a short one. I really thought it was going to be longer, but I was extremely busy. Moving on. Last week I mentioned the anime No. 6. This week will be by review. I am going to say spoiler alert but know that I don't talk too in depth about the anime. So I had this review started at episode 5 then finished after episode 11. Some questions I mention are based on the manga (which is incomplete on streaming sites, but is complete in Japan). Any way...

Episode one is an introductory episode to lay out the characters. On Shion's 12th birthday he meets a boy named Nezumi who is an escapee. In all honesty this really is an episode about who is who and what No. 6 is. Episode two to five are episodes showing the struggles of Shion and Nezumi as well as their growing relationship.

I am hooked. Yes there is clear implications of boyxboy but it isn't hardcore yaoi shit. Shion and Nezumi are so clearly falling for one another and growing so deeply attached. The best part though is that the romance is an underlying aspect of the true storyline. There is an air of mystery, too. What do the parasitic bees mean? What is Shion? Who is Shion's father? (< 1 only as this as I read the manga and his father was brought up).

So many questions left unanswered. Plus a goodbye kiss from Nezumi? Shion claims he will see him again. Ah, if only it could be...totally would love to see a second season.

Haha, as I reread this silly review, I realize...there is no actual base line. It is just rambles. I should really write a better one. Oh well. I think I am going to actually cover No. 6 on my show.

Now...the moment you've all been waiting for.

Like the No. 6 review, each of these was written when the chapter came out. If you do not read the manga, I alert you:


Bleach 558
Komamura, is he still alive? We will have to see but all I can say is Lieutenant Iba is truly devoted to his Captain. Will Iba help Komamura avenge Captain Yamamoto? Also, Rukia and Renji finally appear! Who do you think they will whoop ass on??

Bleach 559
Nanao-chan is a fucking badass (pardon my language). Everyone knows she is brilliant as all hell but who knew she was this cool! Now I see why Captain Kyoraku selected her to replace Lisa. On another note of badassness (I know that isn't a word) Rukia and Renji have arrived in the Soul Society (but where is Ichigo? Yeah still pissed he hasn't shown up).

Bleach 560
Rukia and Renji's arrival has drawn attention. Shuhei is down for the count and his enemy prepares to find the newcomers until Kensei and Rose arrive. Kensei initiates Bankai and whoops ass. Thinking he won, he turns to complain how his vice captain lost until Shuhei regains consciousness and says his captain took out the wrong enemy first. (P.S. still no Ichigo)

Bleach 561
Rose and Kensei fight off their opponent taking down the little guy. As soon as the big guy moves to finish off Rose, his attack is warded off by the blade of Zabimaru. Renji takes to the battlefield claiming to be the villain.

Bleach 562
Renji whoops ass on the two Quincy. Rukia takes care of the fallen Shinigami. Renji down even need to use his Bankai. It is exciting to get a glimpse of how powerful one becomes training under Squad Zero (making one more excited for the return of Ichigo).

Naruto 656
What the...Grr. Nothing can explain how I feel about this damn chapter. Stupid Madara! Obito was going to pull a Nagato but Madara went and resurrected himself!! WTF!!

Naruto 657
Madara is back. He is overpowering and he is now after the Tailed Beasts. Sasuke tried to stop him but failed. Minato and Kakashi are told why Madara is doing this. Will Madara gain control of the Tailed Beasts? What does this mean for Naruto?

Naruto 658
The Tailed Beasts fight off Madara to no avail. Madara regains his RInnegan...this spells disaster for the nine beasts. Plus Naruto and Killer B are in trouble still being Jinchuriki. This cannot be good.

Naruto 659
Madara summons Ten Tails freaking out Kurama because he remembers Madara's blood. Madara knocks the wind out of the Tailed Beasts then unleashes chains on them. Capturing Kyuubi and Hachibi, Madara says he is going to pull out the Tailed Beasts from Naruto and Killer B. Uh, oh.

In all honesty if you want a better grasp of what each chapter is, I would read it. I clearly got better at writing about the chapter as I went, but towards the beginning of Naruto for this I was so pissed at Madara that I couldn't cover anything else in the chapter. So please, read the manga. 

Well guys, that is it for this time. We'll see if I post at all next week. I will try. If I do, it will be about my favorite anime stuff from 2013 and what I look forward to in 2014. If not, it will be combined with my first 2014 blog which will be all about Viz and Funimation. 

Catch you guys later, and have an awesome holiday. 

xx Kat =^.^=


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