Update 6/1/14

The month of May flew by so damn fast. A lot happened and a lot is bound to happen in the future. It was a busy month (like April) for me in my school life. I have been so busy that I have been writing my blog updates late (this is being written on Friday…oops!) and I have been uploading later on Sundays (anywhere between 10 am and 12 am instead of 8 am like I usually do).

Now in my anime world I have found a few things that I am madly in love with!!
First is the Anime Amino app on my Phone. It is pretty much an anime Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter kind of thing. You post pictures, blogs, and forums (questions, polls, discussions) then you share it with your community! I absolutely love it and have been using it for a few days now. I love that it is a place where you share common interest with others and are able to speak freely about your love of well anything and you aren’t judged. I have been using it for about a week or so now and love it so much. Plus it is another site that I can talk about my blog! So if you don’t have this app, I definitely recommend it. If you do have the app, you can add me: Kat M. The coolest thing is that you can talk to others and create bonds. I am always looking for friends to talk with that share a common interest with me.

Now the second thing that I have been into in the month of May…well if you follow me on Instagram you probably can guess what I am going to say. I have been watching Fairy Tail. I cram watched this show! I watched season 1 on Netflix in English. My biggest reason: I got to listen to Todd fuckingHaberkorn (pardon my language). You all know about my intense admiration for this beautiful man. Plus Newton Pittman (who plays Reiji in Phantom) is Gray and THE ColleenClinkenbeard is Erza! She is that important. If you don’t know who she is she is most known for the lead character of a little pirate show called One Piece. Yep she is the voice of Monkey D.Luffy. So after watching episode 48 I started to watch the rest of the episodes on Crunchyroll. Okay so I have watched one or two of the Netflix episodes in Japanese because for some reason I can’t change my language settings on my TV and I watch everything in Japanese (not that I mind) so I already knew what to expect for the Japanese voices. So yes I knew that my beautiful Tetsuya Kakihara voiced Natsu. It is so weird though hearing his voice in a different character. If you don’t understand why I know him, well he plays the main character Shino inHakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East…he also sings one of the end credit songs (and I own it and love it…a lot). So I was expecting his voice. So any way. I like the Japanese dub as much as I like the English dub. I won’t say too much because I am planning a review of the first series when I am finally finished (I am on episode 101 or 102 right now). Unfortunately as I was watching on Crunchyroll on my xbox the server quite playing for a few episodes and since Netflix doesn’t have them I had to watch them on HuluPlus (I love Hulu but I just hate having to watch the commercials). However a cool thing about watching some on Hulu is that there are a few episodes in English on HULU! Yeah. So when I finally was able to continue watching on Crunchyroll…I did. Then I remembered…iTunes had an episode that was free a while ago and I had downloaded it. So I watched episode 85 on my iPad in English! Then I continued watching on Crunchyroll and here I am now. A cool thing to look forward to is that iTunes has a new episode of Fairy Tail up for free right now. It is episode 109 and I am looking forward to watching yet another episode in English.

Something interesting that is also available on iTunes is a free episode of the show Aquarion EVOL. It is season one part two I believe that they just released and the first episode of the part. I can’t wait to watch it and enjoy the English dub of the show I fell in love with in its original Japanese dub.

Next thing on my agenda is a review. A review of one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately…I will be posting that on a later date because I (as I stated before) haven’t written this yet. I was going to review Date a Live but I decided that I would hold off on that until season two is over. So later this week after I have finished my projects I will finally be able to post my review of a show that I never thought I would review. I am going to be reviewing the series Bleach by Tite Kubo. Yep. I am going there. Now I won’t be reviewing any of the movies only the show and the manga. The movies will be a totally different review. So keep your eyes peeled for that review at some point.

Something new to look forward to starting this month is a cool thing I am going to be doing. I decided that since I review anime series and their manga, why not review non-anime manga! I have a ton of manga that I love to read over and over again that doesn’t actually have an anime to go with it. (Some of them I wish they would do a manga with) So at a later date this month I will be doing my first review using the manga Ai Ore! I know that this manga was turned into a live action movie but I don’t count that movie because it…well it just really sucked. It changed too much.

Next week as it is my last week of school for this quarter I will be writing about school life and sequels. Hopefully you enjoy that.

Again I apologize for not having my review available yet but I will do a two part thing like I did with my review of Naruto Blood Prison.

So it is once again that time. I post a picture or two on my Instagram of a hint for who I chose to be my character of the week.

This week my character of the week is:

Lavi from D. Gray-Man

Lavi is my tied with Allen Walker as my favorite character in the series. Lavi isn’t his actual name and you don’t really know what his real name it, in fact Lavi is his 49th name since he chose to be a Bookman. However this is the name that Lavi has the strongest feelings for.

Lavi is an 18 (19 presently in the manga) year old ‘Exorcist’ who used the ‘Big Hammer, Little Hammer’ (he named it that because he didn’t like its original name). However Lavi wasn’t ever meant to stay as an Exorcist. The role of Bookman is to get the inside story of history. So they choose a side and fight on it. They switch between the good guys and the bad guys.

Lavi is one of Allen's best friends and he a loyal person. Unfortunately Lavi has mixed feelings about being an Exorcist and being a Bookman. A Bookman doesn't show their true emotions. An Exorcist is a protector and a friend. Lavi is forced to choose between the two when the crew winds up in Noah's Ark. 

Despite Lavi's outgoing personality he is among one of the darkest characters in this story. He has a mysterious childhood (like Allen) and he was taken in by the Bookman as a young kid. He has seen war after war and is closely linked to the Noah (like Allen). He is always shafted in the fact that he is made to do follow the Bookman rules but also the Exorcist rules. 

His appearance changes slightly over the course of the series. As he grows older, he changes too. His hair has grown longer but he still holds it up in the same manner...with a headband that matches his outfit. He still wears his signature scarf, and his jacket he has stuck with the waist length rather than the knee length he had it at. He finds it easier to move in the shorter jacket. 

As far as his relationships go, he is only close to his teammates but he doesn't truly open up to them. This is mainly due to the fact that shortly after he started at the Order he lost his first friend to the war. His friend was turned into an Akuma. After meeting Allen he slowly finds himself becoming closer and closer to the younger boy. Then he finds out that he has in his heart chosen to follow down Allen's path...the path of the Exorcist. 

Unfortunately the last time you see Lavi in the current manga he is being held hostage by the Noah. His life is on the line. 

His voice actors are probably among some of my favorites. Jason Liebrecht plays him in English (Chris Patton played him for a few episodes after Jason was in a motorcycle accident and broke his leg). Jason is known for Cayenne Suzushiro from Aquarion EVOL, Kiharu from Karneval, Finnian from Black Butler, The Millennium Earl from D. Gray-Man (Yep. He played the Earl as well and when he was out of commission Todd Haberkorn - Allen Walker's VA played the Earl), Hei from Darker than Black, and my personal favorite (besides Lavi) Train Heartnet where he played opposite Chris Patton who was Creed. Lavi's Japanese actor is the amazing Kenichi Suzumura - Cayenne Suzushiro (Aquarion EVOL), the Triplet's (Black Butler 2), Rogue Cheney (Fairy Tail), Hikaru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club) - FUN FACT: Todd Haberkorn plays Hikaru in English, and Kilik Rung (Soul Eater). 

I have so much hope for this character and totally think he deserves his own side story. After D. Gray-Man is over I think there should be a story all about Lavi because he is so mysterious and is one of the main characters!

If you liked what you saw here and would like to see a character of your choice someday let me know on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram with the #characteroftheweek and a pic of who you would like to see. I am always open to suggestions. Let me know!

Now it is time for me to say farewell for now to those of you who don't read the Bleach and Naruto manga. For those who do I'll see you in a sec. Farewell and see you all next week. 



This last chapter of Naruto....man I don't even know what to say. Zetsu turned on Madara?? Is Zetsu really Zetsu or is he someone else? I cannot even contain my confusion. I just don't know. It all happened so fast. But before I get into that. 

Sasuke is an asshole. He is so rude to Sakura and Kakashi. Sure he is strong but he isn't strong enough to take on a dude who just put everyone in the world into an eternal sleep!

Though one thing that did shock me was the fact that so many feelings were shown! Characters that were trapped in the sleep are living out their deepest fantasy. 

 Then you get to the crazy Zetsu shit...

I just have no clue where this chapter is going to go and I don't even know how it will end!!


He's back!!! He is so freaking BACK! I know I said it last week and I will say it this week! I am so happy that Ichigo is finally back. 

He freaking beat down on these girls and barely lifted a finger. 

However we finally were able to see him holding his swords once again. I cannot wait to see how powerful he is with them in action. 

A knows he is back and A is setting forth onto the field once again. What are his plans for this young hybrid Shinigami???

I can't wait for next week's chapter just to see Ichigo in action!


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