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Hey guys! It is a new week and a new update. So this past week I have been cramming the shows in because I have time off from school. I have also been writing blogs in advance and am being proactive with this blog. *proud* The only thing I haven't been doing that I have been wanting to do is read a book, but that isn't in the plans. Anyway...on to the blog!

I have realized...there need to be more anime movies. I don't mean animated movies from Japan like the Miyazaki films, I mean movies from actual anime. Because I have been thinking that, I decided that I would talk about and rate the movies that I have already seen. Let's get started.

Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess - released 8/18/2012, worth it to watch, 4/5

Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow - released 8/21/2004, if you want to watch it go for it, 2/5

Naruto: Legend of the Stone of Gelel - released 8/06/2005, blah movie, 2/5

Naruto: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom - released 8/05/2006, not really a fan, 2/5

Naruto Shippuden the Movie - released 8/04/2007, worth it to watch, 4/5

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds - released 8/02/2008, worth it for the Sasuke/Naruto, 4/5

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritor of the Will of Fire - released 8/01/2009, meh, 3/5

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower - released 7/31/3010, YES!, 4/5

Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison - released 7/30/2011, have you seen my review?, 5/5

Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja - released 7/28/2012, you need to watch this, 5/5

Bleach: Memories of Nobody - released 10/14/2008, good movie, 4/5

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion - released 9/15/2009, if you want to go for it, 2/5

Bleach: Fade to Black - released 11/15/11, sure it's a good watch, 3/5

Bleach: Hell Verse - released 12/04/2012, do it watch this movie, 5/5

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa - released 7/23/2005, only if you've watched the 2003 anime, 3/5 (if you haven't seen the anime) 4/5 (if you've seen the anime)

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos - released 7/02/2011, it's an okay movie, 3/5

Now I know there are other movies for other series, but I haven't actually seen those series yet and I can't rate movies for a series I have never seen.

I like the concept of an anime having a movie. Hell, K opted out of a second season for a film. It's funny cause a lot of good music and opening production can go into a movie. Look at Fullmetal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamballa. The opening is amazing and recaps the entire series PLUS L' Arc~en~Ciel? Win. Now big series like Naruto and Bleach opt for an ending song and no real special features (like an elaborate opening or ending credit). However be warned you should probably watch the credits all the way through. A lot of the movies have a bonus scene. Example: Blood Prison has an extra scene that wraps the movie.

What is your favorite movie? Is there a movie and series you think should be on here? Let me know and maybe I'll add them to a later post.

English Dubs. I know this is a HUGE debate. I will say...I am not 100% against them. Yeah I love Japanese Dubs to an extent, same with English Dubs.

Naruto? - only scenes that don't involve Naruto, Guy, Lee, and Gaara. I can't stand listening to their English voice. Now Sasuke, Itachi, and Pain? Have you heard their voices?? Damn...that's all I gotta say.

So yes there are anime where I actually watch the English Dub and enjoy it!

- D. Gray-Man
- Chrome Shelled Regios
- Black Butler
- Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
- Bleach
- Blue Exorcist
- Sword Art Online
- Death Note
- Black Cat
- Dance in the Vampire Bund
- Sailor Moon
- Fairy Tail 
- One Piece (I'm not a huge fan of the Jap. Dub)
- Aquarion 
- Aquarion EVOL
- Sands of Destruction
- Legend of the Legendary Heroes
- Fruits Basket
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- Code Geass
- Date a Live

(common theme: Johnny & Todd...js)

You get the idea. The English isn't ALWAYS bad. Yeah there are some flops. Naruto, Hiiro no Kakera (I couldn't take it seriously), K, and Karneval for sure. (No offense to the actors because I love a lot of them I just think that these weren't their best work). Now I have yet to see the English dub for Haganai but the clips I have seen are promising so I don't know. 

If you want to sample some new works. Funimation and Apple have the first episode of Date a Live and Karneval for free right now on iTunes. I definitely recommend checking it out. Who knows, maybe you will like Karneval but hate Date a Live. I just love Josh Grelle as Shido. Plus you have J. Michael Tatum, Alexis Tipton, Tia Ballard, Monica Rial, Caitlin Glass, Chris Sabat, Leah Clark, and Jamie Marchi! I am actually considering purchasing the rest of the season now. So please, give English dubs a chance before you bash them. One bad anime in English does not cancel out the rest. They aren't all horrible. 

Now it is that time once again. I post a snippet of a picture on Instagram every week with the #characteroftheweek and ask if you can tell which anime character I have selected. Then I post the answer here! 

This week for Character of the Week, I have selected: 

Momiji Sohma 

From Fruits Basket.

Momiji is one of the four Sohma children going to school with the protagonist. He is also one of my favorites. 

Each Sohma has an extremely dark past. Some are more dark than others (Yuki, Kyo, Akito) but they all have a story. Momiji doesn't get the chance to be with his mother because of a past trauma. It is rather unfortunate. Such a sweet kid and he is shunned for being different. 

He is the Rabbit and is really cute when he transforms. (not as cute as Kyo though...)

Funnily enough Momiji looks a lot like Honey from Ouran. Both are really small for their age and extremely cute. 

If you haven't seen Fruits Basket or read the series I recommend it because it is amazing and while characters like Momiji aren't front and center the main characters are just as worth it. 

Did you guess right? Would you rather see someone else? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram (@vamp1929) & Twitter (@Katrina_Meade) using the #characteroftheweek and mentioning me. I just might use your choice for the character of the week. 

So this is the end of the line for those of you who aren't up to date on Naruto and Bleach. I will you see you all next week for a new update. 

Now those who are up to date. Welcome. 



Can I just say...wow. We found out a lot about Madara. His ass was being used. The strongest Ninja was being used. Whoa. 

Plus Naruto proves to be even more of a bad ass. He broke himself and Sasuke free from Kaguya's bond. 

Now the big question is...will Naruto be able to win? (Though that was the question for a while now...)

I just don't know how I feel about these last few chapters...I liked Madara being the bad guy. He was strong and cool and easily defeatable. Now you have Kaguya who is really old and strong and irritating. Damn it she's the female version of freaking Madara. Someone just get rid of her already. 

Oh well. We'll see what happens next. 


Oh my God...Did A really just blame Ichigo for everything? What an ass!

Apparently it is Ichigo's fault that the Quincy will be able to invade the Soul Kingdom. Fuck. I don't know how to feel about this. Why does it always land on Ichigo to save the damn Soul Society? He isn't even dead yet!

Because A pissed off Ichigo, Ichi decides he wants to whoop ass. Unfortunately he is surrounded. Not for long!!

After dodging blows and almost getting killed, they finally show up to save his ass. Doesn't this seem similar to the fight against Xcution? 

Renji notes the connection between Ichigo and A, telling him to go fight him to stop him. 

When the Quincy try to stop Ichigo from leaving. They are blown back. They won't let the Quincy win. 

Finally in the battle to stop the Quincy from interfering with Ichigo and A's fight; Ikkaku, Yumichika, Byakuya, Shuhei, Renji, and Rukia plan to fight back. 

This is AWESOME! Finally we are getting back into the flow of things. Though I still think that this fight is really close to the Xcution fight. Plus I am still waiting for those people to show up. Don't remember what I am talking about? 

A while ago (like months and months ago) the Shiba's were helping out some friends of their Uncle. The "friends" looked a lot like Xcution members. Plus their "uncle"? How about the old head of the Shiba clan who left his name behind for the Kurosaki clan?  So much that has been left alone needs to be addressed. This manga is set to end this year (as the rumors state) and I demand answers. (not that my demands are heard). Oh well. Let's just see what Tite Kubo has planned for the next chapter. 

That is all folks. The end of this update. (Be proud I actually got the typing finished by 6:18 AM, that is almost 12 hours faster than I usually do)

Hope you enjoyed this update and I will see you all next week. 

Ja ne!

xx Kat


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