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Hey guys! It is once again time for a new update. I have a good one this week...in my opinion.

As the week of school ending draws to a close for a lot of people (except ME who still has one more week of classes left), I have decided that I would like to journey through anime that all take a twist on school life...well the anime that I have watched at least. 

1. High School of the Dead - twist: Zombie Apocalypse. (Ditzy Monica Rial, anyone??)

2. Fruits Basket - twist: Zodiac Animals. (Jerry Jewell vs Eric Vale...*sigh* that is like Lyon vs Loke if this was Fairy Tail)

3. Clannad - twist: well there really isn't it's more of a 'slice of life' drama. (T.T too soon?)

4. The Irregular at Magic High School - twist: magic. nuff said. (Sibling love???)

5. Chrome Shelled Regios - twist: giant fucking bugs...pardon my language. (Todd fucking Haberkorn)

6. Vampire Knight - twist: vampires in high school (rawr...lol)

7. Bleach - twist: oh who am I kidding. Is he even in school?? (Johnny Bosch...bitch)

8. Code Geass - twist: vengeful killing? (again...Johnny)

9. Angel Beats - twist: Death's School (let's beat the system!)

10. Ouran High School Host Club - twist: rich people with too much time on their hands (Travis...Vic...Todd...Luci...Tatum...)

11. Soul Eater - twist: DWMA...Death Weapon Meister Academy...(what a mouthful)

I know there are more but let's be honest a lot of the good anime never actually takes place in a classroom. Hell a lot of the anime I listed doesn't! High School of the Dead? First episode is about the only one involving a class. Bleach? He's what in class maybe five or six episodes of the 366? (okay maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration).

Anyway...unless it is like Clannad and those anime produced by that company generally there is some weird twist to the story. So if you want a normal high school drama...look for a slice of life anime. If you want weird school life? Pick any anime and pretend school is involved. Hahaha. Okay seriously though, it is always interesting to see what kind of school life you will get in anime and manga especially if you are in school yourself. College School Life manga intrigues me because I am in college myself. It's always cool to see how fictional characters deal with the world. 

What is your favorite school life anime? Was it one that I listed? Is there one that you would like to see talked about in a future episode? Let me know! Comment below or find me on Twitter. 

Now time for my favorite discussion. A discussion that sparks many wars between friends. Sequels. 

Everyone either loves or hates a sequel. The same concept applies to anime. There are several sequels whether it is a new series or a new "season". 

Here are some examples:

1. Fairy Tail - just this Spring the kicked off a second series after ending their first series in the Winter season. Sure it is a new 'season' but they identify it as a new series. 

2. Date A Live - yeah I know it is technically a second season but the show doesn't pick up directly where the last one ended and they instantly jump into a new story line with a whole slew of new characters. 

3. Black Butler - you're probably wondering why I threw this one in. Well each season of Black Butler I feel can stand on its own. Sure a lot of the stuff in season two wouldn't make much sense but they are two very strong very different anime series. 

4. Naruto - there is a time skip between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden of about 2.5 years (in the manga it is 3 yrs) and to represent this time skip they ended Naruto and brought in a new series. Plus the cool thing is that you can watch one without the other. I never watched Naruto until months after I had watched Naruto Shippuden. 

5. Aquarion - there are two series. The original Aquarion and the new Aquarion EVOL. They are set like thousands of years apart. You can watch either without the other. You don't need to know much about either series, they are both amazing pieces of art on their own. 

6. Clannad - Yeah there are two series that follow the same story line but they are both pretty decent stand alone stories. The original Clannad is all about the school life side of the story where Clannad After Story is about the lives of the students as adults. 

7. Fullmetal Alchemist - did you really think I would skip this one? The FMA franchise was rebooted in 2009/2010 because the original 2003 anime had caught up with the manga series and had to create an anime only story that then sparked a movie. The 2009/2010 anime series then picked up from the beginning and played out with the proper ending that happened in the manga. You can watch either series as a stand alone. However. If you watch the first half of the 2003 series and mix it in with the 2009 series you then have the entire story. 

Most of the time it is a continuation so it is like a new season but there is generally a change that is so drastic it could hold its own. What do I mean? IS Infinite Stratos is not on this list because both seasons pick up at the end of the season. One and two correlate and continue the story. Hiiro no Kakera & Kuroko no Basuke...same thing. You're now probably wondering why Clannad, Black Butler, Naruto, and Date a Live are on the list. It all has to do with the time skips. Clannad and Date a Live aren't that big of a time skip. Black Butler and Naruto are a pretty substantial time skip. 

Now there are shows out there that need to be rebooted because the ending left you hanging and they need to be resolved.

- Ouran High School Host Club 
- High School of the Dead
- Fruits Basket
- Bleach
- D. Gray-Man
- Strike the Blood
- Rosario + Vampire
- Kaze no Stigma
- Dance in the Vampire Bund

There are more but these are some that I watched, loved, and wanted more. Kaze no Stigma is understandable because the creator passed away. It would be cool if someone would pick it up and continue in their memory. Fruits Basket and Ouran have completed mangas but the anime was cut short. High School of the Dead just kind of ended and it would be cool to see more. Bleach, D. Gray-Man, Strike the Blood, Rosario + Vampire, and Dance in the Vampire Bund are all anime that ended at the end of an arc but don't continue. I still hold high hopes for a Bleach reboot. D. Gray-Man I think was a result of lack of popularity, unfortunately. Strike the blood is new enough that they may be planning something.

What shows do you think need sequels? What shows do you think didn't need a sequel or reboot?

Let me know below.

Now it is time once again for a special section I do every week. I almost always except for weeks where I am busy apparently (finals week and midterm) are the weeks that I forget to post hints on Instagram. Such a fail.

I have in fact chosen a great character for this week.

My character of the week is:

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Her reputation precedes her. I had her set as character of the week long before I watched the series.

She is a bad ass and a requip wizard. She is the strongest woman in Fairy Tail.

Her love life...well it is nonexistent but she has very strong feelings for her childhood friend Jellal Fernandes.

Her teammates are a part of what they call the strongest team in Fairy Tail. Including her it is made up of Nastu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Wendy Marvel, Carla, and Happy.

Her armors include:

Heart Kreuz Armor

Heavens Wheel Armor

Black Wing Armor

Fire Empress Armor

Giants Armor

Adamantine Armor

Purgatory Armor

Japanese Cloth Armor

Farewell Armor

Lightning Empress Armor

Flight Armor

Robe of Yuen Armor

Morning Star Armor

Armadura Fairy Armor

Sea Empress Armor

Seduction Armor

I am completely curious to see how she grows as a character. She is only in her late teens in the series and she has a lot of room to grow.

Did you like my choice for character of the week? Let me know who you would like to see in the spotlight. Is there a character that you would like to see that I haven't done yet? Tell me on Twitter (@katrina_meade), Instagram (@vamp1929), Tumblr (@vamp1929), or Anime Amino (Kat M) using the #characteroftheweek and tagging me in the post or posting it to me directly.

So that is the end of this post for those who don't read my spoiler discussion about the newest chapter of Naruto and Bleach. I will see you all next week then for more.

For those of you who do read it...welcome to hell. Mwahahaha. Just kidding. I apologize in advance because I didn't really get the chance to write down my initial thoughts and I don't quite know how I feel.



This chapter sucked and was mind-blowing at the same time. The world is on the verge of destruction and a new evil is released. Plus Naruto and Sasuke are completely useless against her.

Then come to find out that everyone is turning into a white Zetsu??

What will they do to stop this and save the world?


Ichigo is so bad ass! He whoops ass on these girls by just standing there.

He blocks their attacks with the help of his Zangetsus and just casually talks to them.

He slides the smaller of the two blades across the air then brings the larger of the two up and over before shouting "Getsuga Tensho" and firing a cross Getsuga.

It is awesome and amazing and holy crap is Ichigo strong! This is his first attack since his arrival.

It makes it so you want to read more and I cannot wait for the newest chapter.

So what do you think will happen next week in the chapters? Will Ichigo annihilate these girls? Will Naruto and Sasuke save the world? So many things that need an answer.

Time to go for the week my lovely readers.

I will see you next week.

Any ideas of what you would like to see for a blog let me know and I will take them into consideration.

Look forward to next week's update and the following few updates for when I have a bit more free time.

See you all next week guys.

Ja ne!

xx Kat


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