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Hey guys! Can I just say how happy I am that you guys read this blog so frequently! Almost over 70 views in one week?? This is beyond ridiculous. Thank you all so very much. This is just amazing how much you all love reading this. It makes me want to write more.

So this week has been really busy. I mean can you believe it is already the end of June? I know. That means only one month until I turn 22 and like two weeks until school starts up again for me. Dang.

Since I always want to stay as up to date I can on what is going on in the anime world. I try to find new stuff to tell you about. A few weeks ago I announced that Funimation was releasing two free episodes on iTunes, well they have done it again. They have released the first episode of Red Data Girl and the first episode of Code:Breaker. I haven't really had a chance to watch them 100% yet, but I am not a fan of the awkwardness that Code:Breaker makes me feel (Japanese or English version, take your pick). So I have never really liked the show, I will try to get into it if I can get past the awkward. Now Red Data Girl I have only seen the first episode in Japanese, so I will finish watching the English first episode. So you should check it out!

Now let's get started on this blog!

Tale as old as time and shit like that. Male, female, old, young, everyone has a weakness for this genre. Probably because our own lives suck that we live vicariously through fictional romances. (Okay maybe that is just me, but you get the idea).

When it comes to anime/manga, you have genres of romance to choose from.

  • Yaoi
  • Yuri
  • Fantasy
  • Harem
  • Mature
  • Scifi
  • Shoujo
  • Shounen
  • Psychological (this is a fucked up genre)
  • Mystery
  • Historical 
and so on and so forth. 

If you haven't figured it out Yaoi and Fantasy are some of my favorite Romance Genres to read and watch. I absolutely love when the genres start to mix. Example: Dramatical Murder (an anime starting in the Summer) is a yaoi, fantasy, psychological, mystery romance. The game (which I could never play due to the inability to get the software) is a choice game where you have multiple routes. It'll be interesting to see the anime. But I'll talk about that more next week. 

Of course, lately I have been into RomCom's (which is a very cliche genre, but I don't care) like Nisekoi, The World Is Still Beautiful, etc. 

I am wholly, biased as a hopeless romantic but this is my favorite genre. 

What is your favorite romance genre? What is your favorite romance anime? What is your favorite romance manga? Is there a different genre your prefer? 

Let's discuss this!

Moving on, but still staying on the topic of romance, let's do a manga review. What I'm doing something new? Yep. Starting this month and then once a month to follow I will select a manga to do a review on. Just the manga, if there is an anime to it, I will not discuss that (unlike my anime reviews where everything is game). Here we go. 

Ai Ore! by Mayu Shinjo

Akira is a girly-looking boy. Mizuki is a manly-looking girl. Both of them love music. 

Mizuki is in a band Blaue Rosen that is performing it's last gig due to Kaoru their lead singer moving to America. Akira is a huge fan of Blaue Rosen and Mizuki. On the night of their final performance Akira asks if he can join the band. Mizuki refuses because Blaue Rosen cannot perform without Kaoru. Akira won't back down. On the day of Kaoru's departure Mizuki sees her off in place of the band. At her side is Akira who is there for "emotional support". However in Mizuki's moment of weakness Akira kisses her. And so begins the story. 

This 8 volume manga romance is wonderful. Each character develops over the course of the series and the music is awesome! Unfortunately Ai Ore! is only part one. Part two has not been released yet.  A live action was released, but it (in my opinion) was a flop as it doesn't follow the manga. I am sad that they couldn't follow through with the anime version. 

Blaue Rosen is an all girls rock band made up of the following members: 

Lead Singer - Akira Shiraishi (a boy)
Lead Guitar - Mizuki Sakurazaka
Drums - Ai Okita
Bass - Momoko Kidera
Guitar - Megumi Yuasa
Ex-Lead Singer - Kaoru Naruse

This is a great series and the author is known for her mature content (there is a portion of the series where Akira and Mizuki are struggling over their desire to have sex with one another). Her other work that is a favorite is Demon Love Spell. Akira and Mizuki's relationship is an interesting one. Their personalities don't match their looks, they are extremely compatible, and the world is against them. So pretty much your basic famous teenage love story. 

The manga is available for purchase through VizMedia and is one I would highly recommend. 

Overall rating 7/10

Prints: VizMedia  Digital: VizManga Prints: Barnes & Noble

It's that time once again. Each week on Instagram I post a hint or two of a character's picture and ask you if you can guess which character I have selected. 

This week's character of the week is: 

Senri Shiki

from Vampire Knight

Senri is the cousin of Kaname & Yuki Kuran, the nephew of Juri & Haruka Kuran, and the son of Rido Kuran. Such unfortunate parentage, huh? 

Senri's free time is spent sleeping or eating. He is a professional model alongside his companion and best friend Rima Toya. 

Senri is loyal to Kaname & Yuki to an extent. He hates being a play thing of the Purebloods like he was to his father, mother, and the council. His loyalty lies with Rima who he seems to have feelings for and his friend Ichijo. 

However, speculation shows a relationship between Senri and Ichijo Takuma. They have an insanely close bond. During their time at Cross Academy despite having his own room Senri shared with Ichijo. Also after the battle at Cross Academy, Senri was searching endlessly for Ichijo with Rima. 

As all vampires have a special power, Senri is no exception. He has the power to manipulate his blood into a weapon. He bites into his finger and can form a long whip of blood that can be very sharp. 

Senri Shiki is one of my favorite characters in Vampire Knight. He has an unfortunate past and family history but he surrounds himself only with those he trusts completely and can be himself around. 

That is it guys. This week has come to a close and I will see you in July. Now if you are caught up on Bleach and Naruto chapters, keep reading. If not, I will see you next week!



Dammit! She separated the two. At the very end of this chapter Naruto and Sasuke were split up because that is apparently the only way to kill them. (I don't believe that because apart these two are just as powerful) 

Tch. Though you are probably curious as to why I am talking about the end first? If not you really have read this chapter and know exactly what I am saving for last to discuss. Anyway, yeah the fight between Naruto & Sasuke vs The Old Bitch (I don't care if I know her name, she pisses me off) is still going strong and doesn't quite show signs of stopping. Plus the Hokage were shown a few chapters ago but haven't been shown yet. 

Hmm, this raises many questions. Though nothing raises more questions that this. Sakura is a pervert? 

Yep, we finally found Sakura's weakness. I mean yeah we know that she wants to be complimented on becoming a woman by Naruto and Sasuke but in all honesty I don't think we have seen her to this level of pervertedness yet. Though Naruto is good when it comes to finding a person's inner pervert. 

Haha if you don't get it? Naruto came up with a plan to defeat her that made Sasuke roll his eyes saying it wouldn't work. I will say I doubted it when I first saw it, but they did get a hit in. 

Naruto's big plan? Reverse Harem Justu...yep. A Harem of men specifically designed to target female opponents. Everyone was shocked. (by everyone I mean the whole five people that aren't stuck in dreamland) 

I am just curious to see what Naruto and Sasuke have planned for this new challenge that faces them.


I hate, I hate, I hate Ishida Uryu. (If you can name the movie I just referenced you are awesome!) Like seriously, how stupid can he get. Turning his back on his friends? I hope his dad appears and knocks some sense into him, or at least Ichigo does. 

Can we talk for a sec about how Orihime & Chad have been MIA for a while now and have come back from Hueco Mundo? Does this mean we get some Arrancar action? Grimmjow? 

Yeah, I'm a little obsessive. I still fully believe his ass is alive...well all of him is alive, but that ass really. Sorry...a little off topic. There is no way Ichigo could have killed Grimmjow. 

Oh well. Anyway, have I mentioned how bad ass Rukia has become? Probably. She is 100% devoted to protecting Ichigo. Ichigo certainly has made some really good friends. 

The only thing I do not look forward to seeing is the death count on this war. 

So that is it for this week. I cannot wait to start up a new month with you. Plus I am hoping to have my Facebook page open in July, probably earlier than I was planning based on the fact that I am already at almost 890. Keep your eyes open for that and don't forget to share this with your friends. 

It's been fun. See you in a week. 

Ja ne!

xx Kat


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