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Hey guys. I will begin by saying...this last week sucked. Big time. My computer crapped out on Monday and I didn't get it back until Wednesday. Then it wasn't letting me do anything on it until I found out what had been blocked on it by Friday. So needless to say I was busy. Plus all my homework I had done last weekend, I had to redo this week. This blog? I wrote it on Saturday at work. Yep. I didn't have the time to do my blog this week. How unsettling is that? Very. I was not happy. Now my computer is almost back to the way it was AND I have a new wallpaper on it. See:

So I ask that you forgive me for this being so short and not up to par with my usual updates. Also...looking up pictures for this blog was not fun...OH and forewarning for Bleach and Naruto fans. I will bring you a double update on the chapters later this week, I'm thinking Thursday or Friday because I have to do a short update again next week due to me going to a concert. So keep your eyes out for that.

Before we start let me just say...thank you for getting to almost 140 views last week!! You all rock. Now...Let's begin. 

Have you all heard of the show Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun? Otherwise known as My Little Monster? 

When I first watched that show I instantly thought of this manga. It was actually the first manga series that I had purchased through VizMedia when I had downloaded their app originally. My original manga that I had on my iPod back in August of 2012 was Beast Master, Backstage Prince, and D. Gray-Man. Now I have so much on there that it isn’t even funny.

Okay I totally got off topic. Anyway…Beast Master. Let’s get back onto reviewing it.

Instead of trying to explain the complicated subject that is Beast Master, I will write you the volume one summary.

‘Leo Aoi looks like a crazy animal with wild eyes—and no one at his new high school will go near him! He does seem to have a special connection with animals though, which intrigues overzealous animal lover Yuiko Kubozuka. In reality, Leo isn’t as frightening as he appears, but Yuiko finds out that he goes berserk whenever he sees blood! Will Yuiko be able to get through to Leo during these violent fits? Or will Leo’s ferocious side eventually devour her?’

This romance manga is a very intriguing one. I absolutely fell in love with it. I took a chance on the series without knowing anything about it. It was one of my better choices in this genre. Yuiko is a psycho about animals and she tries to give them her love only to have them revolt against her. (Even her own cat doesn’t like her) However when she meets animal-like Leo, she finds herself drawn to him and him to her.

If you know me, you know that I am ALL about artwork. Well this manga will shock you. It isn’t nice artwork like I usually read. It is very rough looking but I think the rough look adds to the story. It definitely helps to create the atmosphere. Plus the story is just too cute to pass up. So if you go to read this series and you are turned off by the art JUST HOLD OUT! I promise, the story is worth your while.

Since the series is only 2 volumes I won’t do any spoilers so just please check this series out.

Beast Master by Kyousuke Motomi gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

What manga series would you like me to review next? What is your favorite manga series? Do you like this manga series? Let me know and we can talk about it.

Moving on to our next topic.

Long anime.

What actually defines a long anime? For me, it is an anime that is over 100 episodes. Just because there is more than one season doesn’t mean it is long, nor does having more than one series all interlinked. If it is 100+ episodes under the same anime name for all episodes then it is a long anime. Here are the long anime:

Naruto - 220 episodes ~complete~

Naruto Shippuden - 371 episodes ~ongoing~

Bleach - 366 episodes ~complete~

D. Gray-Man - 103 episodes ~complete~

Gintama - 201 episodes ~complete~

Fairy Tail - 194 episodes ~ongoing~ (according to Wikipedia)

Hunter x Hunter - 141 episodes ~ongoing~

Sailor Moon - 200 episodes ~complete~

One Piece - 656 episodes ~ongoing~

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - 203 episodes ~complete~

Toriko - 147 episodes ~complete~

Inuyasha - 167 episodes ~complete~

If I am missing anything let me know. Because I know I am. However, as you can tell there aren’t a lot that I consider long. Hell my little sis thinks Kuroko is a long one. It’s only 2 seasons (will be 3 soon). Also don’t bitch me out for not having Fullmetal Alchemist but like I said, I don’t count them together as they are different series’ all together.

Obviously the first full length show I watched was Sailor Moon. All 200 episodes of the original series. Though episode 200 felt like a full length movie with how much was in it. My next was D. Gray-Man with its 103 episode run. If you haven’t seen season 3 and 4, you totally should. Then it was all 366 episodes of a little show called Bleach. Ooh! Who is ready to the final season in English? They have finished recording so it won’t be long now till they finish it up on Toonami. Next was the ongoing Naruto Shippuden followed by the 220 episode Naruto. My last was the 175 episode Fairy Tail series and I wonder if I should count the ongoing series 2 as it is titled Fairy Tail as well. Hmm…

am re-watching Inuyasha as it was so long ago that I watched it. I have also started One Piece and Gintama. However those three are on hold until I have more free time.

What is your favorite long anime? Do you classify long anime a different way? Let me know!

Last on the agenda for this week is the Character of the Week. Each week on Instagram and Tumblr I post a hint as to which character I will be profiling. 

This week for Character of the Week, I have selected: 

Ryner Lute 

from The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Ryner is an Alpha Stigma. An Alpha Stigma is a person with immense ocular powers that generally goes berserk before hitting adolescence.

Ryner was one of the lucky few who actually hit adulthood without dying. Most Alpha Stigma's who go berserk die after they overpower themselves or they are killed by those who fear their power.

He doesn't have a lot of friends as he is afraid of himself and is scared to kill them like he did when he was in school.

Now he pairs up with a  woman named Ferris and goes on special missions for the King.

One of my favorite parts of Ryner? He is played by the amazing Ian Sinclair. When him and Eric Vale, who plays Sion the King, have scenes together. Oh man. Plus there is that scene. Don't know what I am talking about? Here ya go.

Okay so the actual scene is comes after this part, but still it was hilarious. Even if you don't watch the whole show, if you just watch episode 15. Man...

Anyway. Ryner is scared that people will turn on him if they find out who he is so he holds himself back from everything. A fear that is rightful because he is actually very powerful. 

Ryner Lute. You own my heart. 

Did you guess the character right this week? Would you rather see someone else? Let me know on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook who you would like to see in Character of the Week and maybe your character will be next! 

So that is the end of this update. Remember for those who read my manga chapter reviews, check back later in the week and they should be up. 

Until next time. 

Ja ne!

xx Kat


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