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Hey guys! It is once again that time of the week where I get to ramble on about anime and stuff. Though you are probably wondering what is going on with me that I have actually posted early two weeks in a row?? Well I rushed last week because of my computer issue and wound up getting it done early and this week I have a concert today. I’m going to see Def Leppard and Kiss. Don’t judge me, I love them both. So as you can see I do have a life outside of anime. Not a very extensive life but a life nonetheless. Thankfully. Anyway…you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble on and on about my pathetic life, you are here for anime.

This week I have a good one for you (man I say that a lot). I am bringing out yet another anime review. This time, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Remember back when I finished watching the show and I said I wanted to review it? Well neither do I, but I know I did. Probably. So here it is. The review that I may or may not have promised. 

Some may be surprised by the fact that I fell in love with this show. As I have said previously, I don’t handle gore very well. (The only reason I haven’t watched AOT yet) I mean within the first two minutes of the show there is already gore. A mass murder (demons killing people and heroes killing demons) right after the opening credits. Yeah…the first episode shocked me, but I was hooked for some unknown reason. Plus there is always episode 15 (which I mentioned last week during my Character of the Week for Ryner Lute). 

The anime is about Ryner Lute an alpha stigma who went berserk in school and killed the guys who nearly killed all of his classmates. In order to save his friend Shion, closed Ryner’s eyes effectively canceling out his powers and ending the rampage. Then it turned out that it was Ryner's “girlfriend” (not really but they both had feelings for one another) was a traitor to the kingdom after the massacre was over. She was then imprisoned for her crimes, however Ryner being who he is offered to trade places with her and put himself in prison while setting her free. Before she left she kissed Ryner and disappeared. Ryner was then prisoner of the kingdom. With so much free time on his hands he began studying and his research is what made it so he could be released under the king’s orders. The king just so happens to be his friend Shion. And thus our journey begins. (This is only a description of like maybe the first few episodes…I think….)

As far as the story goes, it is a pretty typical comedy-drama-action-gore kind of show. So it has a bit of all aspects. There are even romantic bits. One annoying thing that I kind of find annoying in a lot of anime is the overuse of the “he’s a pervert”. Ferris the main female is constantly on the hunt to hit Ryner for being a pervert. The funny thing is you have two polar opposite types of “pervert” you get the: 1) he’s not really a pervert but things just accidentally happen that make it seem that way or 2) he really is a dirty pervert. Type 1 is always the one in these anime. The bit gets old after the first 50 anime it is featured in. Type 2 is rarely ever accosted for his crimes (ex: Highschool DxD…dude’s a pervert and gets to feel up the object of his affection a lot). Plus, the thing is women are the BIGGEST perverts out there but it is never truly shown….Okay I got off topic. *steps down from soap box* Didn’t mean to rant. 

Despite the overabundance of pervert accusations and way too many dango breaks, the show is really good. I kind of wished that the anime would continue because it kinds of ends but for the most part it is a good start. Plus they have an amazing cast of voice actors in both English and Japanese. 

Ryner Lute - Jun Fukuyama & Ian Sinclair
Ferris Eris - Ayahi Takagaki & Luci Christian 
Roland Empire - Daisuke Ono & Eric Vale
Lucile Eris - Tomokazu Sugita & Jerry Jewell
Milk Callaud - Saki Fujita & Jaime Marchi
Calugh Klom - Atsushi Imaruoka & Mike McFarland
Miran Froaude - Junichi Suwabe & J. Michael Tatum
Noa Ehn - Mikako Takahashi & Colleen Clinkenbeard
Rahel Miller - Yasunori Masutani & Christopher Sabat
Lear Rinkal - Nobuhiko Okamoto & Josh Grelle
Fiole Folkal - Miyu Irino & Greg Ayres
Eslina Folkal - Ayana Taketatsu & Alexis Tipton
Riphal Edia - Kazuya Nakai & Patrick Seitz
Lir Oria - Anri Katsu & Newton Pittman
Sui Oria - Takuma Terashima & John Burgmeier
Kuu Orla - Mariya Ise & Cherami Leigh
Tiir Rumibul - Takahiro Sakurai & Robert McCollum
Kiefer Knolles - Fuyuka Oura & Brina Palencia
Toale Nelphi - Yuto Suzuki & Todd Haberkorn
Iris Eris - Tomosa Murata & Monica Rial
Arua - Akiko Yajima & Leah Clark
Kuku - Saori Hayami & Jad Saxton
Lieral Lieutolu - Rikiya Koyama & Jason Douglas

In all honesty it is a spectacular cast of voice actors. Funimation pulled out all the stops on their part. In the commentary Funimation released with episode one, J. Michael Tatum (who was the lead writer on the series) said that it was next to impossible to write a voice for Ryner until he first heard Ian Sinclair act as Ryner. Despite Ian and Ryner being two completely different people, only Ian could pull it off. Knowing that makes me love it even more. 

I highly recommend this series to anyone. It has it all and is a good short series to watch. I give the series a 8/10.

You can watch the show here: Netflix HuluPlus FUNimation

We love ‘em or we hate ‘em. There is always a female lead in an anime. They are of two categories. The ones we love or the ones we hate. Simple as that. Let’s discuss a few of them. (Note: There are a bunch more but these are all the ones that came to mind when I was writing this)

Sword Art Online. This show has very strong female leads. AsunaSuguha, and Sinon are examples of the female leads. You have Asuna who is the rich girl who suffers from loneliness but is very strong and is ready to fight for her beliefs. 

You have Suguha who suffers from her feelings for Kazuto but is strong enough to move forward....okay not really but she tried, once maybe?  

Then you have Sinon who is afraid of herself and guns but is working to gain strength and become noticed. 

All three are strong girls and don’t always need Kirito to save them, sometimes they are saving him.

Fairy Tail. Where do I even begin? This show has a variation of female characters. However the four I am going to focus on are my favorite and the most prominent female leads. Lucy is an obvious choice as she is the main character. She is a runaway from a rich father that treated her like crap in order to become a mage for a powerful guild and become stronger. 

Next is Erza. Just saying her name “Erza of Fairy Tail” resounds with strength. Probably one of the more tragic characters, Erza has gained strength in order to protect her friends. 

Then you have Erza’s rival, Mira. Mira is as strong as Erza but she hides it away for fear of hurting someone. She finds strength in the love of her extended family, Fairy Tail, but her greatest strength comes from her true family. 

Last is the new user of Fairy Glitter. She is the only mage besides the First who has been shown to be powerful enough to use the spell. Cana gains strength from wanting to impress her father but also from wanting to protect her friends, especially Lucy.

Naruto. I have said this before and I say it once again. I watched the series Shippuden to Naruto. I don’t hate this first character like everyone else does but that has to do with how I watched the series. Sakura is a strong person, she gained strength after her failure to bring Sasuke back and didn’t want to burden Naruto. I can see why people hate her because in Naruto she was an obnoxious girly-girl who put on a façade. However after training under the Hokage, she finally gained a voice and lost a good portion of the obnoxious act. Yeah Sakura still does stupid shit, but she owns up to it and her newer strength (if you read the manga or have watched the preview to next week’s episode you know what I am talking about) gives her the confidence to finally become a strong kunoichi. Speaking of strong kunoichi, this next character while not necessarily a “main” character is a very important one. The Godaime HokageTsunade Senju.Tsunade is a windstorm of strength and she shows it. She loves her village as much as she loves her sake.

Bleach. This show does not center on female leads at all. The two female main characters are polar opposites and annoying in their own rights. Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly but I see their faults enough. First we have Rukia. She is a spoiled soul reaper who becomes stronger over the series. Rukia is easily dejected when it comes to those she sees as her superiors and distracted by cutes things. On the other end of the spectrum we have Orihime. She is a ditz with big boobs who can use a spiritual shield and heal people. Orihime is easily distracted by her love for Ichigo and her tendency to be a klutz.

Some other female leads are:

Enju from Black Bullet
Kisara from Black Bullet
Miyuki from The Irregular at Magic High School
Moka from Rosario + Vampire
Mizore from Rosario + Vampire
Yukari from Rosario + Vampire
Kurumu from Rosario + Vampire
Ayano from Kaze no Stigma
Maka from Soul Eater
Tsubaki from Soul Eater
Liz from Soul Eater
Patty from Soul Eater
Lenalee from D. Gray-Man
Road from D. Gray-Man
Miranda from D. Gray-Man
Yuki from Vampire Knight
Ein from Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
Cal from Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

As you can see from this small list there aren’t too many women in anime that take a lead role. However it does happen. Do you see something missing from this list? Let me know. Like I said I wrote down the ones off the top of my head. Just write to me in the comments, on Twitter, on Tumblr, or on Facebook about what I missed and should add. I totally will. (I’ll even credit you for the addition).

Okay so before I start discussing my character of the week let me start with this. I have been obsessed with Vocaloids as of late. Someone shared a video on YouTube called “Shut Up and Sleep with Me Kaito”. Of course once you watch that you watch the suggested videos (at least I do) and from there slowly you get into the actual songs and not amv type videos. Oh my God! I found this video called “Two-Faced Father” by Vocalkokoro. It’s a story about Miku and Kaito. I won’t say anything about it but I suggest you watch it. It is an amazing series and very well put together. I even cried…a lot at some parts. The complete story is on Deviantart, well what he has done up so far. Anyway, that’s not what I was going to say, I am obsessed with a lot of Kaito’s music particularly a few songs with Miku. If you read my birthday update then you already know that I love the songs “Bad End Night” and “Crazy Night”. The darkness that is sung by these bright and colorful characters just makes the experience that much cooler. If you haven’t checked them out, I definitely recommend it.

It is once again that time. Each week on Instagram and Tumblr I post a hint of a character picture with the #characteroftheweek and ask you to guess who it is. Someone this week actually was able to guess the show but not the character. Congrats to grimoire_heart on Instagram. You guessed right. 

The character this week I have selected is: 

Enju Aihara

from Black Bullet. 

Enju is partners with Rentaro (also in love with him, though who isn't). She is one of the Cursed Children and an all around sweetheart. 

She is quick to express her feelings for Rentaro but she is also simply a child. At the youthful age of 10, she attends elementary school to gain friends and live like a normal girl. She watches anime and enjoys spending time with Rentaro. 

Though she has seen her share of battle, she is not immune to the deaths around her. When Cursed Children begin dying she is tormented and seeks comfort from her partner. 

The most emotionally distraught you see Enju is every time Rentaro's life is at risk (which is a lot). 

For a young girl, she is a beautiful soul. 

Did you guess right? Want to see someone else? Let me know and maybe your character will be featured as character of the week. 

So this is farewell to those of you who don't read spoilers. (I decided to put my Naruto/Bleach chapter review into this update instead of doing it as its own update). See you all next week with another good one. 


Hey guys! As promised I am bringing you the chapter review for last week (August 10th). You're probably thinking, "hey Kat didn't you say last week and next week?" Well yeah, I did. However  there was no next week. So you just get last week. NO NARUTO AND BLEACH REVIEW FOR AUGUST 17TH. Unless by some miracle a new chapter comes up late....which it didn't. Bummer. Anyway....Let's get started!

Naruto - ch. 688

OH MY GOD. This chapter was FILLED with a whole bunch of goodies. Obito and Rin have finally been reunited but Obito says he has to do something first. That he has to go to Kakashi before he can finally move on. 

Using Kamui Obito appears in front of young Kakashi and says that he gave him the Sharingan as his present. 

Back to adult Kakshi, he opens his eyes to BOTH Sharingan, becoming once again Kakashi of the Sharigan. 

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke are still fighting. Naruto then unleashes his Ultimate Jutsu. 

A combined biju-sage attack that causes a massive explosion but is still ineffective. 

A new attack is launched against Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto with Sakura being the most vulnerable. Naruto shouts for Sasuke to save Sakura. 

Before Sasuke can do anything though, Sakura is saved by a Susano'o. 

Kakashi has unlocked Susano'o with his new eyes. 

I have no clue what plans are going to come of this new development but I have a lot more faith that Kakashi will make it out of this alive. Though I am still very curious what the Hokage are planning over there with the Six Path Sage dude. Hmm.

Bleach - ch. 592

As I said last week. I am seriously unhappy with Tite Kubo and this newest chapter doesn't make it any better. Apparently Toshiro is a living zombie. Does that mean he can't ever be normal again? Will he become one of Kurosutchi's experiments? Is this the end of the squad ten we know? Grr. 

Plus Toshiro takes out both Ikkaku and Yumechika in one fell swoop. 

Kurosutchi is a nutball but I believe that he is going to have something up his sleeve to save our beloved captain. 

I just can't hold faith in Bleach right now. I think that as the series draws to a close it is wearing itself thin. Who knows. We still have a ways to go. Plus Ichigo still has his big face off in the end. Let's see if Tite Kubo can pull through.

Sorry there weren't pictures this week. They got deleted...sucks I know but you have to live with what you've got.

Well, that's it for this week. 

Can't believe how fast the time flies, we are already halfway through August. 

See you next week. 

Ja ne. 

xx Kat


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