Update 4/5/15

Hey guys! It is once again Easter! Have you hugged a bunny today? No? That's fine. I am actually going to the movies today! My family and I are going to see Furious 7. I am so excited. (okay so this may or may not actually be happening, but I will hopefully convince them to go)

Let's get this blog started.

Being an Anime Fan

The Serious Side of It

So I tried to do this last week, but I just couldn't find the right words. As I assume you have figured out, I'm not the most confident person. My dad even pointed out that my anxiety and depression started in High School, not College like I thought, when I took a huge self-esteem hit. I actually have done a pretty good job at hiding it. I don't talk a lot about it, so I find that I don't talk about the things that makes me feel better. 

Six months after I started Kat's Anime Corner, I finally spoke about it the first time. When this blog turned one year old, everyone was surprised. It's sad, the first person who even knew about my anime obsession was my little sister. I didn't even tell my best friend who loves anime and actually introduced me to it. I felt like I would be harshly judged. I discussed it with no one. Even my little sister didn't know about it until almost six months or so in. The first show I watched with her was Fruits Basket on Netflix. The one thing I was willing to share was my love for Sailor Moon because everyone knew that I loved the show when I was in elementary school and would just shrug it off as a bit of nostalgia. 

Even to this day, I don't announce, "hey I love watching anime and I blog about it". It isn't easy. The response is one of two things. They either say, "oh, cool" and nothing else or they say, "you're an adult, why do you watch cartoons". 90% of all the responses I've gotten? "They are just stupid cartoons, Katrina". Only a few people truly take an interest in what I have dedicated the last five years of my life to. I mean, before I started this blog, I was writing ideas very similar to what I am writing on the blog in my journal. Most of the ideas I have for the blog are revamped ideas I had written years ago. I have never written anything I don't honestly feel. 

It's scary to think that a few words could cause a person so much pain. I hate hearing those words and I've given up trying to explain myself because the people who dislike the concept of "watching cartoons" for a living just won't listen to reason. 

I'm sure many of you have struggled with this for a bit longer. I totally get it. I mean it's not like I go around announcing that I am a fan of Twilight (yes I see how ridiculous the story is but that is part of the charm) series. Doing so would cause a mass of harassment that I just can't handle. It makes me feel horrible and causes me to question my own beliefs. A downside of my anxiety and depression. 

The moments that reassure me that I am doing something that I love and others love are the consistent views on my blog as well as the amazing tweets I've received from voice actors such as Monica Rial, Terri Doty, Caitlin Glass, and Clifford Chapin, to name a few. Whenever they interact with not just me but also other fans, I realize I chose a good community. 

I may still struggle with my own personal issues, but I have no fear that all almost 200 of you are behind me 100%. We are real people who love anime. 

Thank you for sticking with me this long. 

Have you ever faced a similar experience? How did you cope? Let me know. I'm open to talking with you and sharing stories if you feel up to it. You can find me in the comments below, on Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. 

Anime Crack

Free! and Kuroko no Basuke

To lighten the mood, let's discuss some fun things. Anime crack on YouTube. My favorite things to watch repeatedly are the anime crack of Free! and Kuroko no Basuke. Let's take a look at a few favorites of mine that I watch A LOT. Now if you don't know what anime crack is, I'll explain. Crack is taking scenes from a show and pairing it with funny songs, sound clips, or memes. It's super funny and makes a lot of people happy. Now fair warning on these ones that I have prepared for you. There is a ton of yaoi references, swearing, and even some highly inappropriate comments. I apologize if anything offends you. The people who made these are doing this for comedic purposes and don't aim to upset anyone intentionally. So sit back and enjoy. 

Free! Eternal Summer Crack - MayHaruhi
Favorite clips: *facepalm* and "Touch my man again"

Anime Free! Crack - MiyumiChan
Favorite clips: "I just had sex", "My heart will go on", and "Take my heart like a criminal"

Free! // Crack 2 - SecretAngel134
Favorite clips: "Moon prism power make-up" and "Fabulous!"

Kuroko no Basket "Crack" - xikutoluv09x
Favorite clips: "Cute cute overload" and "Light 'em up!"

Kuroko no Basket #CRACK - SayoriChan
Favorite clips: "Pink fluffy unicorns" and "Bitches always know"

Kuroko no Basket | | CRACK - TheLoaLok
Favorite clips: "But first, let me take a selfie" and "All I wanna do is love your body"

Kuroko no Basuke CRACK - JessPinkman
Favorite clips: "Milkshake" and "I'm not Gay"

Free! // Crack - SecretAngel134
Favorite clips: "I am an adult" and "I like that"

What funny anime crack would you recommend? Check back in a few months when I talk about Haikyu! and Attack on Titan. 

Well before I leave I have one last anime related thing to talk about. 

Amanda Lee (her YouTube user name is LeeandLie and her Twitter handle is AmaAmaLeeLee) covered my favorite song from Aldnoah,Zero. She wrote an English cover of the Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]:Mizuki song "aLIEz" and did an amazing job. Listen here: 

If you are interested in buying this song, it is available on iTunes. It is an amazing cover and I have listened to it about 100 times and I only bought it Friday night (or afternoon...I'm not too sure). 

Well that is it for this week guys. It was a really tough one for me to write and I hope you all enjoyed an insight into my life. 

I will see you all next week and hope you have an amazing Easter. 


See you later. 

Ja ne. 

xx Kat


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