Fairy Tail Friday: Update 10/19/15

Welcome one and all to the first ever Fairy Tail Friday (yes, I know that today is Monday...but did you expect anything less...I suck at actual deadlines). So if you haven't heard, Fairy Tail Friday is a recap of last week's Fairy Tail episode and this week's Fairy Tail chapter. So obviously, SPOILER ALERT is a given. I will start out each Fairy Tail Friday post with a recap of the anime episode and end it with the recap of the manga chapter. So if you are not up to date on the manga, but are up to date on the anime, only read the first portion of the blog. Let's start this shit.


Before we begin this, let's talk about Nate's English version of the new OP for Fairy Tail. It is one of my favorite's by far.

What do you guys think? Isn't it awesome? Speaking of awesome let's talk about some Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Anime Recap

Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 79 "Tartaros Arc: Air". 

I loved this episode as much as I loved the manga chapters. Now the question is this" does this confirm the relationship between Levy & Gajeel? 

What are your thoughts? Sting & Rogue's fight is going strong against Mard Geer and Gajeel is on his way to save Natsu, Juvia, Lucy, & Levy as the only one still conscious in the dark depths. 

I'm so looking forward to next week. 

Speaking of next week, since the new Fairy Tail episode and chapter have already been released...let's talk about those as well. 

Episode 80 "Steel". 

This is Gajeel's episode. We get a glimpse into Gajeel's thoughts and feelings. Yes feelings, Gajeel has those. Gavel uses his feelings for his friends and his guild to win his fight. When the water and the demon dissipate, everyone is down for the count and the final battle is starting. Weak from his battle, Gajeel is unable to continue fighting...in steps in Laxus who is finally awake and ready to join the fight. 

What are your thoughts on these episodes? 

Let's see what happens next week. 

Fairy Tail Manga Recap

Chapter 456: Orders

This new chapter is bringing about some interesting fights. Lucy vs Brandish. Erza vs Ajeel. Mirjane aids Gray& Juvia using Seliah's soul. Gray & Juvia vs Wahl's squad. So much excitement! I cannot wait to see everyone stronger! Though I could do without Warren & Max kicking each other's ball. 

Chapter 457: Battle of the Naked

Brandish knows Layla Heartfilia? Probably the greatest mystery of the entire series is the actual history of Layla Heartfilia. Not much is known about her and she died so suddenly. Plus she was a strong Celestial mage. Though the most amazing thing is Lucy's Celestial Spirit Requip into her Aries Star Form. Cana & Lucy vs Brandish begins now! 

Erza is still fighting Ajeel while Natsu, Gajeel, & Wendy finish up their fight against Ajeel's men. Natsu punches Bakel through the bottom of Ajeel's ship and Erza feels Natsu's fighting spirit as her own. 

What will happen next week? Let's hear your thoughts. 

That is all for this week. I will see you all next Fairy Tail Friday...which will hopefully be on Friday. 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat


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