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Hey guys. I am going to just try keeping on a roll here with the updates. I am planning a new series similar to the manga chapter reviews that I did back when Naruto was still being published. I am thinking of doing a think called Spoilers: Fairy Tail Friday. The first part of that post will be a recap of the previous week's episode and the second part of that post will be a recap of the week's manga chapter. The reason I came up with this idea is because my friend James and I were going over our thoughts of what will happen for the future of Fairy Tail. So the first part of this update will be about some new Fairy Tail merch I bought and the second part will be a spoiler filled prediction of what will happen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Fairy Tail: The Music

I don't think I have ever actually talked about all the Fairy Tail music I own, whether it is from the Score or the Opening/Ending. So now I am going to break it all down for you. I own 231 songs currently. I own all five original soundtracks by Takanashi Yasuharu and several of the opening and ending credits including covers by the one and only NateWantsToBattle.

Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol 1
favorite tracks

Track 1: Fairy Tail Main Theme
Track 4: Dragon Slayer
Track 6: Dark Guild
Track 8: Busy Street
Track 13: Natsu's Theme
Track 14: Destiny
Track 17: Fairy Law
Track 18: Friends 
Track 24: Eisenwald
Track 30: Demon Deliora
Track 32: Fist of Flame
Track 36: Fairy Tail Main Theme Slow Version

Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol 2
favorite tracks 

Track 1: Iron Dragon - Black Steel
Track 3: Evil Earthsound
Track 4: Reminiscence ~Awakening Soul~
Track 6: Happy's Theme
Track 15: Fairy Tail Main Theme Piano Version
Track 17: Natsu's Magic 2 ~Fire Dragon's Sword Edge~
Track 27: Tower of Heaven
Track 29: Bonds
Track 32: Satan Soul
Track 36: Fairy Tail Main Theme Metal Version

Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol 3
favorite tracks

Track 2: Three Dragon Slayer
Track 14: Mystogan's Theme
Track 17: Super Dimensional Magic Anima
Track 23: Panther Lily
Track 24: Dragon Chain Cannon
Track 25: Fierce Battle of Magic
Track 27: Power of Justice
Track 28: Erza vs. Erza
Track 30: Ancient Magic

Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol 4 Disc 1
favorite tracks

Track 1: Lightning Flame Dragon Roaring
Track 3: Black Wizard's Wicked Heart
Track 6: S-class Wizard Promotion Trial
Track 15: Zeref's Melancholy
Track 17: Ultear and Gray
Track 18: Fairy's Glitter
Track 20: Makarov vs. Hades
Track 22: The Ultimate Final Death Battle
Track 24: Fairy Tail Main Theme - Tenrou Island Version

Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol 4 Disc 2
favorite tracks

Track 2: Third Generation Dragon Slayer
Track 3: White Dragon and Shadow Dragon
Track 5: The Promised Land Far Away
Track 6: Grand Magic Games
Track 10: Battle of Magic Competitions
Track 16: Pride of the Guild
Track 18: Carla's Nightmare
Track 20: We are Fairy Tail
Track 24: Endless Battle
Track 26: BLOW AWAY by Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu) and Yuuichi Nakamura (Gray)
Track 27: Happy Tale by Aya Hirano (Lucy), Satomi Sato (Wendy), & Sayako Ohara (Erza)

Fairy Tail Original Sound Collection Disc 1
favorite tracks

Track 1: Fairy Tail Main Theme 2014
Track 2: Edge Exhibition
Track 3: Titania Dances
Track 4: Man of the Crimson Lotus
Track 5: The Garou Knights Appear
Track 6: Fight Against the Executioners
Track 7: Sorrow Returns
Track 8: Dark Future
Track 9: The Eclipse Gate
Track 16: Dragon King
Track 19: Stand Fairy Tail
Track 20: Signal for the Counterattack
Track 21: Natsu vs Future Rogue
Track 22: Drops of Time

Fairy Tail Original Sound Collection Disc 2
favorite tracks

Track 1: Song of Victory
Track 2: Disturbed by Magic
Track 5: Fairy Tail Main Theme 2014 - Piano Version
Track 6: Unusual Gathering of the Celestial Spirits
Track 10: Battle of the Celestial Spirit World
Track 11: Awakening of the Celestial Spirit King
Track 14: The Heart to Believe
Track 15: A Shadow Over Tomorrow
Track 18: Man of Ice
Track 20: Blazing Dance
Track 21: Fairy Tail Rising
Track 22: Fairy Tail Main Theme 2014 - Battle Version

TV Anime "Fairy Tail" Op & Ed Theme Songs, Vol. 1

1. Snow Fairy by FUNKIST
2. Kanpeki Gu-No Ne by Watarirouka Hashiritai
3. S.O.W. Sense of Wonder by Idoling
4. Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round by onelifecrew
5. Ft. by FUNKIST
6. Gomenne, Watashi. by Shiho Nanba
7. R.P.G. - Rockin' Playing Game by SuG
8. Kimi Ga Irukara by Mikuni Shimokawa
9. Egao No Mahou by MAGIC PARTY
10. Holy Shine by Daisy x Daisy

TV Anime "Fairy Tail" Op & Ed Theme Songs [Standard Edition], Vol. 2

1. Fiesta by Plus
2. Be as One by w-inds.
3. Evidence by Daisy x Daisy
4. Hitori Samishiku by LGYankees Produce ShaNa
5. The Rock City Boy by Jamil
6. Don't Think. Feel!!!! by Idoling
7. Towa No Kizuna (feat. Another Infinity) by Daisy x Daisy
8. Kono Te Nobashite by Hi-Fi CAMP

TV Anime "Fairy Tail" Op & Ed Theme Songs, Vol. 3

1. I Wish by Milky Bunny
2. Boys Be Ambitious!! by Hi-Fi CAMP
3. Hajimari No Sora by Plus
4. Yell - Hakayaku Tame No Mono by Sata adage
5. Breakthrough by GOING UNDER GROUND
6. Kimi Ga Kureta Mono by Shizuoka Kudo
7. Fairy Tai - Yakusoku No Hi by Chihiro Yonekura
8. We're the Stars by AIMI

Additional Fairy Tail Songs I Own

Kimi Ni Tsutaetai by Chihiro Yonekura
Dragons by NateWantsToBattle
The Rock City Boy by NateWantsToBattle & ShueTube
Strike Back by NateWantsToBattle & ShueTube
Dark Guild Theme by NateWantsToBattle
Snow Fairy by NateWantsToBattle

I had a lot of fun going through this playlist on my iTunes (sarcasm). Do you know how hard it is to listen to over 200 songs that I love to pick out your favorites and not listen to it? What are some of your favorite songs from the series? Do you own any of these albums? 

So I warn you guys, the rest of this blog is spoiler filled, so I will see most of you the next time I post. For those who are 100% up to date on the Fairy Tail manga, welcome. And if you are staying with me despite this fair warning, I'm sorry if this portion ruins things for you. 

Fairy Tail Manga Predictions

A while ago my friend James and I were chatting about what we think will happen in the future of Fairy Tail. As you may know, the manga is coming towards a close or at least it feels that way with this final battle starting. This fight is 400 years in the making. Let's get started. 

Chapter 453
Lucy: Stop this...you know, they call that making 'Death Flags' in the real world...
Natsu: Huh? Whuzzat...
Lucy: Well, talking about the possibility of a happy future before a big fight...and making it sound as dramatic as possible...that sort of thing. 

Death Flags from Chapter 453 Parental Role


So, we discussed whether the Death Flags were real. James said he doesn't expect death because of the fact that Fairy Tail is very light as a series. This is where we started to speculate. 

Gray's Death Flag freaked me out the most due to the fact that he promised to give Juvia his answer after he defeats Zeref and E.N.D.

From here we began discussing Gray's reaction to Natsu being revealed as E.N.D. Gray and Natsu have always been rivals but in all honesty they have been brothers. James predicted that Gray will go crazy and lose control of his demon side which in turn is the cause of Frosch's death. 

I predicted that the death that will happen is going to be someone who got close to Mavis. I said this because I think that us hearing Zeref and Mavis' back story was like a foreshadowing of another Fairy Tail member falling to Mavis' curse. 

We both agree that Zeref is going to die since his death has been set up since the beginning. James doesn't think Makarov and Gray will die because they've already escaped death before. Despite not wanting to say this, I predicted Natsu's death due to him being E.N.D. and having already died 400 years ago. 

I know Lucy and Levy live because Lucy with the help of Levy wrote about the Fairy Tail adventures as part of her novel. 

James then said that Zeref and Mavis' history is foreshadowing for other ships in the series. Rolling with this I said that Lucy decided to write about Fairy Tail because something similar happened between her and Natsu. 

James being ever the optimist decided to calm down pessimistic me by saying death is a very low possibility in Fairy Tail. 

We did, however, plot out the most manly Fairy Tail death. If it happens. Elfman. He'd go out saying "that's a man's death" or something because he died to redeem himself after destroying the guild during the Tartaros arc. 

So these are our predictions. What do you guys think would happen? Let me know and we can see who is going to be right in the end. 

Again, I apologize for being gone so long, I did not mean to take two months off from blogging, but I'm back and hopefully for good. 

See you all later. 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat


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