Fairy Tail Friday: Update 10/30/15

Happy Halloween! Well...almost. Tomorrow is Halloween but that is not what you are here for. Today is Fairy Tail Friday! Tonight a new episode of Fairy Tail is airing and we are going to recap last week's episode plus recap last week's manga update! Before we start that, check out what I found on the Fairy Tail Facebook page.

Happy Halloween indeed. Who doesn't love a bit of NaLu action? Anyway, let's start this shit.

Fairy Tail Anime Recap

Episode 81: "Tartaros Arc: Final Duel" aired last Friday, and man was it an episode. According to Crunchyroll.com, It's Laxus's last stand against the immortal Tempester! Plus, Erza and company finally reach the control room, where the dead former Magic Council chairman is in the process of activating the 3,000 Face bombs. Kyoka and Seilah are also there, and quickly act to prevent the Fairy Tail members from interfering...

Laxus finally manages to get some of Tempester's blood for Porlyusica to use as an antidote, but not before using every last bit of his strength to end the battle. Back in the control room, Erza and Minerva joined by Happy, Lector, Frosch, and Pantherlily are finally where they've been trying to be but they are too late. Seilah is using her macro on the chairman in order to start Face. In a last ditch effort Mira appears and takes out Seilah but they are too late. Kyoka praises Seilah for using the last of her magic to activate Face. Now it is up to Erza to defeat Kyoka in a final battle. 

Tonight's episode is going to be amazing! The Tartaros Arc is reaching its climax. What can you expect to happen in the new episode "Wings of Despair"? What do you think the "wings" refers to? What darkness still remains for Fairy Tail. Let's see and next Friday we will talk about it for sure! 

Fairy Tail Manga Recap

Guys! What a manga chapter! How amazing is Erza! When we last saw her she was just barely holding her ground against Ajeel but now...guys...she kicked his fucking ass (pardon my language).

Ezra fights against Ajeel by using Neptune's Sword in order to harden the sand being used as a weapon against her. Ajeel becomes angry and recklessly attacks her but she uses the Wind God's Sword to blow away his attack. Furious Ajeel counters with a massive sandstorm. This storm covers not only the ship but all of Magnolia. You catch a glimpse of characters from Natsu to Lucy & Cana to Mira and even Bisca. This Sand World is forcing back all the Fairy Tail forces. Ajeel forces Erza back and prepares for the finishing blow. Ezra counters with her Morning Star armor which causes a huge light to be projected and we find ourselves with Bisca who launches an attack from her gun which hits Ajeel and Erza is able to take the final blow against her opponent.

Phew. That was one hell of a chapter. But big surprise. The very last page reveals something special. Next week we get two chapters! Yes!

What do you think will happen next week? Do you think we will finally be able to see Lucy & Cana's fight? Or maybe Gray's fight? I'm so very excited.

Let me know your thoughts on either the anime episode or the manga chapter.

Until next time guys.

Ja ne!

xx Kat


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